Activities Calendar & Disciplines

Education & Testing

The Canadian Pony Club curriculum has been carefully designed to give our members a solid foundation of Horsemanship and Stable management knowledge and skills. Our superior education program is what allows Canadian Pony Club to stand out above the many other equine programs available. TESTING is a means of measuring the success of this program.


Quiz is a Regional event held to test the members theoretical knowledge of horsemanship and various Pony Club and Equestrian related activities. Quiz is typically the first event of the season as your members have been participating in their education programs.


The purpose of dressage is to develop a horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to perform. It is the foundation from which all of the riding disciplines within Pony Club evolve. Dressage within the Pony Club is offered as a separate discipline and as part of other disciplines like Rally. Competitions are typically held at the Regional level and also offered at the National Level for the Regional qualifiers.

Prince Philip Games (PPG)

Prince Philip Games are a team competition played by Pony Clubs around the world. The games were designed for children to compete on well-trained ponies, to use their skill and rapport with their equine and human friends, and to gain confidence while riding in fun competitions. These games help to promote the Pony Club motto," Character, Loyalty, Sportsmanship ".

Rallies (Eventing)

In the Canadian Pony Club, the competition portion of our Rallies consists of a 3 phase event (Dressage, cross-country, and Stadium Jumping) and the competitors are also scored on their Stable Management which involves many aspects of the care of their horses.

Show Jumping

Show Jumping involves riders learning to navigate their mounts over a course of obstacles in the show ring. Riders move from poles on the ground at the lower levels up to jumping 1.2m obstacles at the highest levels.


Tetrathlon is a very demanding competition with four parts: swimming, running, riding, and shooting. Tetrathlon encourages, promotes and develops a Pony Club member's interest in horses and horsemanship by combining riding with other athletic activities.

Le Trec

TREC is designed to test a horse/rider combination through a whole range of activities, combining elements of trail riding with horsemanship skills and flatwork. TREC is one of the fastest growing equine sports in the world and involves knowledge of terrain, and an understanding of map reading is an important feature of the sport.