Disciplines Prince Philip Games (PPG)


Prince Philip Games (PPG) are a team competition played by Pony Clubs around the world. His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinborough donated the original Prince Philip Cup to the British Pony Club in the 1950's. Canada has its own Prince Philip Cup, so named by permission of His Highness, and donated by the late J.R.Crang. It is awarded annually to the best team in Canada.

The games were designed for children to compete on well-trained ponies, to use their skill and rapport with their equine and human friends, and to gain confidence while riding in fun competitions. These games help to promote the Pony Club motto, "Character, Loyalty, Sportsmanship".

In WOR, Prince Phillip Games are played according to the National Rules with the exception of the C division where riders are allowed to be assisted by leaders according to the following guidelines:

  • First-time PPG participants only
  • Leaders may NOT be the participants parent or older sibling; clubs are encouraged to ask their older A/Masters riders assist the younger new participants
  • Clubs are encouraged to prepare all kids to ride independently and are reminded that a lead-line option is available for ONE YEAR ONLY for riders.
  • Lead-line is only allowed in the C division
  • C teams may be scrambled with non-lead-line and lead-line
  • Riders may attempt each new race without being led; once the assistant has to lead the pony, that race must proceed at a WALK ONLY; the next race may be attempted independently and at a trot.

Check out this great video created by Equine Canada about National "A" PPG (hosted by COR).