Disciplines Quiz


In Western Ontario, the Quiz is made up of 6 different sections with the scores added to make up a possible 100. The sections and the best possible scores in each are:

Identify items shown in Slides 15
Multiple Choice questions 20
Fill in the Blanks 15
True/False questions 20
Miscellaneous 15
Identify various Objects 15

Questions may cover all areas of knowledge expected at each level including but not restricted to Lamenesses, Feed and Nutrition, Saddlery, Breeds, Conformation, Shoeing, Veterinarian, Diseases, Bones and Muscles.

Separate divisions are provided for unrated (E) members, for D's, D1's and D2's, for all C's combined, and for A's and B's combined.

Each division has both team and individual competitions. Scores for everyone are used in the individual competitions and the best 2 or 3 scores from each Branch are used to make up that Branch's team score in each division.

Individual ribbons are awarded for 1st to 6th place in the A/B division and 1st to 10th place in all other divisions.

Team scores from all divisions are added for each Branch and the annual Quiz Championship trophy is awarded to the Branch with the highest total score. Ribbons are also awarded to the top 5 teams.

During the Quiz, there are usually a large set of activities for members while marks are being totalled.

In most years, we have run a "tack" sale during the Quiz. Members and others have an opportunity to bring used or new tack or any other horse related items like clothing to the Quiz and they re offered for sale under the supervision of the sale organizers at a small commission. The sales are usually very successful in that many members get good bargains they would not have seen otherwise, many get the chance to get a fair price for outgrown equipment, and the commissions raise about $200 for the Region.

Information on Quiz at the National level and in other Regions is available here.