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The Canadian Pony Club curriculum has been carefully designed to give our members a solid foundation of Horsemanship and Stable management knowledge and skills.

The gradual progression of difficulty guides and prepares members to successfully achieve testing levels from Beginner through to Advanced. Although testing is not mandatory, it is encouraged to help set benchmarks for Members. The program is often drawn parallel with grade school through to University.

The curriculum is supported by a series of Study Guides which have been developed by the Canadian Pony Club and are available to all members free of charge. Members are encouraged to use the Canadian Pony Club Study Guides as a starting point. Learning opportunities are supported by "hands on" learning and clinics.

The Canadian Pony Club Badge program has been developed with all interests in mind to include Arts and Literature as well as Horsemanship achievements. The program is voluntary and is most commonly administered at the Branch level. The Badge program offers reward for work done and may offer structure to an Education program. New badges are added periodically and usually as a result of suggestions by Members.

Education is not limited to preparation to achieve tested levels. Members have the opportunity to learn and develop skills necessary to participate in many popular equine disciplines not only within the Canadian Pony Club.

The Canadian Pony Club promotes safe practises and education to ensure the safety of the young athlete and good health of Horses and Ponies in Equestrian sport.

WOR offers senior education sessions in conjunction with most of the regular regional meetings. We offer a wide variety of topis to support the members.


Our superior education program is what allows Canadian Pony Club to stand out above the many other equine programs available. TESTING is a means of measuring the success of this program.

The CPC Testing Procedures outlines how the program works and the process to be followed. The CPC Testing Procedure Requirements for Examiners, Coaches and Candidates will tell you and your coach what you need to know at each level, the expectations.

WOR Test Chairs supports all levels of testing but testing to the D2 level is done in the branches.

Testing Schedule

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Planning a Test

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