Disciplines D Rally

D Rally

"D" Rally is a simplified and shortened version of a Pony Club Rally which is designed in particular for D level riders. Higher level riders compete in the Regional A/B/C" Rally.

The phases of a Rally are described in the General Rallies page, however the "D" Rally does not include any stable management phase, and is run in a single day rather than over 3-4 days. In the Endurance phase, only the Cross Country test is used.

All riders compete as individuals and there are no teams. Riders may, however, get help during the day from other members of their Branch (or other Branches) and from their team Captain. Help from others including parents or instructors is not permitted other than for items like holding the horse between events etc which have no direct bearing on the competition.

There are separate divisions for each of the "D", "D1", and "D2" levels so that riders only compete against others with the same Pony Club level.

Full rules for the Western Ontario D Rally can be downloaded.

For many years, the Western Ontario "D" Rally has been held on the grounds of the Caledon Riding and Hunt Club just north of Cheltenham, Ont. We very much appreciate this long standing opportunity to use their grounds.