Disciplines Dressage


Starting in 2012, we have added some rules to govern Dressage in our region. Please review them under the Downloads page.

This year we will be offering Horsemaster classes so be sure to get those members tested and would love to see them out to Regional Dressage this year.

We have seen the interest in dressage pick up in the Western Ontario Region in recent years. Some of the kids focus solely on dressage as their main discipline while others understand the importance of schooling their horses correctly on the flat to create a supple and balanced mount for their jumping events. Regardless, dressage should play an important part in all of your training activities.

Encourage your members to try dressage and maybe plan a pas de deux, freestyle or even a drill team. Maybe even make costumes for their drill teams. Let them pick out the music and be creative!

Be sure to keep working over the winter / spring months to make a supple and balanced horse to take you into the 2012 show season, but most of all remember to have fun doing it.