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Show Jumping

The Western Ontario Region provides seven Divisions with maximum heights from 2'0 to 3'6" in 3" increments for the first round and 2'3" to 3'9" in the jumpoff rounds. The following table summarizes the classes presented, however for more detail, you can download the full National Show Jumping rules.

Class Name Maximum Height
Pre-Entry 2'0" (2'3" jumpoff)
Entry 2'3" (2'6" jumpoff)
Starter 2'6" (2'9" jumpoff)
Beginner 2'9" (3'0" jumpoff)
Novice 3'0" (3'3" jumpoff)
Intermediate 3'3" (3'6" jumpoff)
Advanced 3'6" (3'9" jumpoff)

Each Division consists of two Table "A" rounds and one Table "C" round so each rider may jump 3 rounds plus any jumpoff rounds for which they qualify.

There is no restriction regarding what Pony Club level riders must have achieved in order to enter any Division, however the Club Show Jumping Representative and District Commissioner must sign each entry form to say they believe that the rider can safely negotiate a course at the max height for the Division they entered.

For more information about Show Jumping, please check the National Show Jumping General Information page.