Candidates must be at least 7 years old as of Jan. 1 of the year in which they test.

When the District Commissioner and Branch Instructor are satisfied the member is proficient in the D LEVEL REQUIREMENTS listed below, and otherwise qualified according to Branch and Region Regulations, they may then be considered ready to try for upgrading to the D LEVEL.

The examiner will look for confidence in handling and riding a pony; understanding that a pony needs food, water, shelter and basic care; understanding that a pony must not be abused, frightened, taken by surprise.



Turnout:  Muckers or boots.  NO sandals or runners.  Neat and tidy.  Medical armband is required.

Handle Pony:  Approach.  Halter.  Lead.  Quick release knot.

Demonstrate how to give a tidbit to a pony.  Know what a pony eats and drinks.

Identify and know the use of a dandy brush and a curry comb.

Perform the following with assistance if necessary:

Fasten and unfasten throat latch and noseband.

Run up stirrups.

Undo girth on correct side.

Point out on a chart or a pony, the simple parts of a pony.


Point out on a chart or tack, the parts of the tack.

Know the reasons for cleaning tack.


Turnout:  Safety and neatness.  Approved helmet.  Riding boots or shoes with heels.

Pony:  Basic cleanliness.

Tack:  Basic cleanliness.

Rider:  Clean, neat (breeches & jacket optional). Medical Armband is required.

Mount and dismount, with assistance if necessary.

Hold the reins correctly while mounted.

Shorten reins correctly at halt.

Demonstrate basic understanding of correct positions at halt and walk.

Ride independently at the walk.

Perform gradual transitions from walk to halt and from halt to walk.

Demonstrate simple change of direction at the walk.

Show ability to trot in an enclosed area  (diagonals not considered).

Keep pony on rail of enclosed area.

Maintain position in a group at walk.

Walk & trot over poles on the ground.  Use a combination of single randomly placed poles on ground and a sequence of 3 or 4 poles.

Use C.P.C.  D Level - Worksheet

Successful candidates' passport endorsed and yellow disk awarded.

Regions may issue yellow D Certificate.

For further information, you may wish to check out the Lesson plans for the D level.

For full details on requirements, facilities, and responsibilities of candidates, parents, and examiners, please refer to the Canadian Pony Club C/D Testing Procedures which you can get from our downloads page