For new members preparing for the D test

Lesson plans are available for Stable Management and for Riding.
You also may want to look at General Notes for Stable Management Lessons (they are the same for each level so you only need to check once) and the Reading Lists (these are all in one page showing required and resource reading for all levels and for instructors).

Stable Management Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Points of the Horse: Learn simple points (approximately 20); head, ears, eyes, nostrils, muzzle, forelock, neck, throat, mane, shoulder, withers, knee, fetlock, hoof, back, loins, ribs, (hind) quarters, hock, tail.
  • Demonstrate and practice quick release knot.
  • Games, activities, practice.
    Lesson 2
  • Review Lesson 1.
  • Learn parts of bridle - how to assemble.
    Lesson 3
  • Learn reasons for cleaning tack.
  • Learn how to clean bit after use.
  • Take bridle apart, wipe over, reassemble.
    Lesson 4
  • Review.
  • Learn parts of saddle and care.
    Lesson 5
  • Basic needs of pony: Learn what it eats and drinks
  • Learn about care of its feet
  • Learn about its home, shelter.
    Lesson 6
  • Safety, Handling: Learn how to approach, put on halter, lead, give treat.
  • Review quick release knot
  • Learn common sense rules for working around pony.
    Lesson 7
  • Grooming: Know dandy brush and curry comb, learn how to use them correctly
  • Review quick release knot.
    Lesson 8
  • Review Lesson 7.
  • Learn how to tack up pony
  • Learn how to run up stirrups, untack
  • Learn how to put up bridle and saddle - clean bit.
    Lesson 9
  • Review points of horse, using real horse.
  • Basic awareness of health and soundness.
  • Review quick release knot.
It is recommended that Lessons 6 to 9 take place in barn, as a hands-on experience.
You also may want to look at General Notes for Stable Management Lessons. They are the same for each level so you only need to check once.

Riding Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Turn out - correct tack and attire.
  • How to check tack - especially girth, before mounting.
  • How to mount and dismount (with assistance if necessary).
  • How to hold reins correctly.
  • How to sit correctly in saddle.
  • Walk-on and halt (with assistance if necessary).
  • How to lead pony correctly.
  • Games, involving mounting, dismounting, leading.
    Lesson 2
  • Basic position at walk - review first lesson.
  • How to shorten reins correctly (at halt).
  • Learn aids for walk-on and halt.
  • Learn aids for turning.
  • Ride large circle at walk.
  • Introduce trot - sitting, using neck strap.
  • Change rein - half circle and reverse at walk.
  • Games.
    Lesson 3
  • Warm up exercises at halt. Include two point position.
  • Review riding circles at walk.
  • How to ride a 20 m. circle - eye control, aids.
  • Review trot (sitting, with neck strap).
  • Introduce rising trot.
  • Changes of rein across diagonal at walk.
  • Games.
    Lesson 4
  • Warm up exercises at halt.
  • Review position, aids for halt-walk-halt transition, and circles.
  • Maintain position in group at walk.
  • 20 m. circles at walk.
  • Practice rising (posting) trot.
  • Games.
    Lesson 5
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Review position, aids.
  • Trot rising, on straight lines.
  • Walk over random ground pole(s) - control, accuracy.
  • Games.
    Lesson 6
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Review position, aids, rising trot.
  • Keep pony on rail at walk and rising trot.
  • 20 m. circles at rising trot, emphasizing control, steering, aids.
  • Rising trot over random ground poles.
    Lesson 7
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Review rising trot, position.
  • Introduce posting diagonals.
  • Walk, then rising trot over 3 or 4 ground poles.
  • Games.
    Lesson 8
  • Warm up exercises at halt without stirrups.
  • Review transitions, diagonals.
  • Alternate rising trot, sitting trot.
  • (optional - if ready: Introduce canter, one at a time - explain aids, how to stop).
  • Trotting poles at rising trot.
  • Games.
    Lesson 9
  • Warm up exercises without stirrups.
  • Review basic position.
  • Two point position at walk.
  • Circles at rising and sitting trot. Posting diagonals.
  • (Canter one at a time to rear of ride).
  • Trotting poles at rising trot with halt on straight line.
  • Games.
    Lesson 10
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Mount and dismount correctly.
  • Lead pony correctly.
  • Basic position and aids review.
  • Circles at walk and trot.
  • Games.