Alberta South Region

The Alberta South Region is one of the 12 Regions of the Canadian Pony Club.

The "grass roots" of the Canadian Pony Club are the local branches. Each branch runs its own education and instruction program, and puts on competitions.

The local branches are organized geographically into Regions, of which there are 12 across Canada and two in Alberta (North and South). The Regions are responsible for overseeing the operations of every branch in their area. They also provide help with education and other activities which may be beyond the resources of some individual branches.

Each Region sets their own fees to support its operation. These fees vary depending on the services included.

The Alberta South Region has 18 branches with approximately 300 members. We also have one riding centre that participates in our program.
The Region organizes events that are open to all branch members in the region. These activities include clinics, education and competitions in different disciplines such as Dressage, Prince Philip Games, Quiz, Rally, Show Jumping, and Tetrathlon. More information on each of these activities can be found under the tab 'disciplines' at the top of the page.

The Alberta South Region is run by a Regional Committee, comprised of 11 administrative members and the DC of each branch. The Alberta South region has also included coordinators for different disciples to the Regional Committee. A list of all the members in our Regional Committee can be found here: Regional Committee ABSR