Canadian Pony Club National Directory

Testing Committee

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Testing Chair
Gwen Barnes
Alberta South (Testing Chair)
Michelle Morton
BC Interior North (Testing Chair)
Kally Cowan
BC Islands (Testing Chair)
Jasmine Hopp
BC Lower Mainland (Testing Chair)
Erin Thrift
Central Ontario (Testing Chair)
Nellie Bradbury
Manitoba (Testing Chair)
Karen Maclean
Nova Scotia (Testing Chair)
Kim Brine
Saskatchewan (Testing Chair)
Diana Pella
St. Lawrence / Ottawa Valley (Testing Chair)
Katiana Fleck
Alberta North (Testing Chair - C and up)
Sonja Shank
Alberta South (Testing C/D)
Tanja Lucin
BC Lower Mainland (Testing - Assistant)
Lisa Schultz
Central Ontario (Testing - Assistant)
Emma Green
St. Lawrence / Ottawa Valley (Testing Co-Chair (Committee))
Brittany Durham
Western Ontario (Testing Chair - Junior)
Heather Kehoe
Western Ontario (Testing Chair - Senior)
Rebecca Leger

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