Candidates must be at least 8 years old as of Jan. 1 of the year in which they test.

When the District Commissioner and Branch Instructor are satisfied the member is proficient in the D1 LEVEL REQUIREMENTS listed below, and otherwise qualified according to Branch and Region Regulations, they may be considered ready to try for upgrading into the D1 LEVEL.

Examiner will look for gradual improvement; the member is independent of the reins and able to apply simple aids correctly; trot poles and small fences in balance with the pony; be in control of the pony in open fields; have regard for safety, both riding and in the stable or paddock; knowledge pertaining to the care of their own pony; able to take care of their tack; politeness, punctuality, cleanliness of themselves, pony and equipment.



Repeat D Level.

Turnout: Muckers or boots. NO sandals or runners. Neat and clean. Medical armband is required.

Name and locate the points of the pony.

Name and describe colours of ponies.

Name and describe markings of ponies.

Know the names of breeds of horses and ponies.

Know the basic routine of the horse you ride. a) feeding b) grooming c) exercise.
Be able to identify common feeds.

Pick out feet.
Know the reasons why you groom especially as related to ponies kept at grass. Identify and know how to use a) hoof pick b) dandy brush c) curry comb d) body brush.

Lead in hand, walk and trot. Know how to turn pony correctly.
Show how to lead a pony into and out of a stall.

Be able to tack up and untack.
Know elementary care of tack.

Know the signals of a horse about to kick or bite
a) while mounted b) while unmounted.

Know rules for riding on the road including hand signals.

Know rules for riding in a group.


Repeat D Level.

Turnout: Cleanliness and neatness of rider and pony.
Jodhpur/breeches, boots or shoes with heels. Approved helmet. Pony Club pin.
Jacket optional. Medical Armband is required.

Correct way to hold pony while dismounted.

Mount and dismount independently, a leg-up may be given if necessary.

Perform exercises at the halt.

Shorten reins at walk and trot.

Demonstrate basic position at walk and trot, rising.

Maintain forward movement.

Perform simple turns and circles at walk and trot.

Canter in both directions in an enclosed area without emphasis on position or leads.

Demonstrate basic jumping position at trot.a) on flat
b) over poles on the ground
c) over a small jump maximum 24 (2 ft).
Understand good manners while riding in a group.

Ride with control in the open.

Ride safely on public and private rights of way.

Know the natural aids and their uses.

For further information, you may wish to check out the Lesson plans for the D1 level.

For full details on requirements, facilities, and responsibilities of candidates, parents, and examiners, please refer to the Canadian Pony Club C/D Testing Procedures which you can get from our downloads page