Canadian Pony Club
Achievement Standards


Each topic can be taught in a variety of ways. Some suggestions are:
  1. Use old tests or quiz questions to make up written work sheets to review lessons.
  2. Devise games, relays, etc., especially for the younger members to keep learning fun. Co-operative exercises, such as working together to solve a puzzle or do a task, can also be a good exercise.
  3. Some use of diagrams can be made during winter lessons but it is preferable whenever possible, and always when reviewing, to use real horses, real situations and hands-on experience as much as possible.
  4. Visit stables, facilities, breeding farms, vet clinics, competitions, whenever possible.
  5. Beware of too much lecturing - try to have the kids doing things: demonstrating, practicing, looking up information, making notes, assembling scrap books, collecting samples, etc., etc.
  6. Above all, READ THE MANUAL OF HORSEMANSHIP! It is a marvellous (and much neglected) little book. It contains most of the information you will need to teach these lessons. It contains a veritable wealth of information in some areas. Don't neglect it!