For candidates preparing for the D2 test

Lesson plans are available for Stable Management and for Riding.
You also may want to look at General Notes for Stable Management Lessons (they are the same for each level so you only need to check once) and the Reading Lists (these are all in one page showing required and resource reading for all levels and for instructors).

Stable Management Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Review points of horse, colours, markings.
  • Learn how heights of horses/ponies are measured.
  • Learn correct method of measuring height (spirit level, stick, etc.).
  • Learn age/sex terminology (filly, mare, gelding, etc.).
  • Be able to give correct complete description of horse/pony.
    Lesson 2
  • Learn what feeds own horse needs, recognition of basic feeds.
  • Learn amounts to feed.
  • Understand importance of regular routine.
  • Learn Rules of Feeding and an understanding of reasons.
    Lesson 3
  • Learn the names and uses of all items in groom kit (except wisp).
  • Demonstrate correct method of use of each item.
  • Know reasons for grooming.
  • Be able to turn out tidy, presentable pony.
    Lesson 4
  • Know, review all parts of snaffle bridle, saddle.
  • Demonstrate correct fitting of snaffle bridle.
  • Put up saddle and bridle correctly.
  • Review care of leather, discuss areas of wear and signs they are no longer safe.
  • Demonstrate and practice carrying saddle and bridle correctly and putting them down on ground.
    Lesson 5
  • Learn external parts of foot.
  • Learn signs of need for reshoeing or trimming.
  • Learn points of good shoeing.
  • Learn about hoof problems and hoof care.
    Lesson 6
  • Discuss or visit various stables, pastures.
  • Learn essentials of good pasture: fencing, gates, shelter, watering arrangements, grass, safety.
  • Discuss situations.
  • Learn essentials of good stall/stable: Discuss good and bad situations.
  • Discuss various feeding arrangements.
    Lesson 7
  • Learn to recognize signs of health, illness.
  • Learn how to take temperature, pulse, respiration (demonstrate).
  • Learn own pony's normal T.P.R.
  • Learn to recognize signs of colic, what to do.
    Lesson 8
  • Learn how to tell horse is lame, and how to determine which leg (foreleg only).
  • Learn how to locate source of lameness (heat, pain, swelling).
  • Learn about minor wounds and how to care for them.
    Lesson 9
  • Learn basic principles of conditioning (ref. Are You Ready?).
  • Learn how to cool pony out after work.
  • Learn how to inspect legs.
  • Learn about feeding, watering after work.
    Lesson 10
  • Handling, Safety:
  • Review 'D1'.
  • Demonstrate leading horse into, out of, van, trailer.
  • Discuss protective equipment and demonstrate.

Riding Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Basic position at all paces - review.
  • Adjust girth, stirrups, mounted.
  • Aids for turns, upward and downward transitions - review.
  • Warm up exercises at halt and walk.
  • Walk and trot circles.
  • Canter on named leg - aids for canter leads.
    Lesson 2
  • Warm up exercises - some without stirrups at walk.
  • Serpentines at walk and trot - even, round loops.
  • Trotting poles at rising trot and two point (jumping seat).
  • X rails and low jumps - work on two point position.
    Lesson 3
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Cross country school.
  • Canter around field, low jumps, hills, etc.
    Lesson 4
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Review diagonals at rising trot.
  • How to change posting diagonals (circles, changes of rein).
  • Simple transitions - use of balancing aids (half-halt).
  • X rails and small jumps.
    Lesson 5
  • Warm up exercises at walk, without stirrups.
  • Trot without stirrups - circles, straight lines.
  • Drill work (with stirrups) - watch diagonals.
  • X rails and small jumps, trot & canter approach.
    Lesson 6
  • Warm up without stirrups.
  • Serpentines - switch diagonals.
  • Transitions, halt-trot.
  • Small jump course.
    Lesson 7
  • Warm up.
  • Cross country school - practice pacing (220 m/m; 350 m/m).
  • Stress looking up, riding line from one jump to next.
    Lesson 8
  • Warm up without stirrups.
  • Work on long (or loose) rein at walk, alternating with work on light contact - stress active forward movement.
  • Serpentines - review rising trot, diagonals.
  • Serpentines - without stirrups (sitting trot).
  • Transitions - trot-canter-trot.
    Lesson 9
  • Warm up.
  • Canter across diagonal and change rein with transition to trot at X.
  • Canter circles, transitions.
  • Gymnastic jumping and riding lines, broken lines.
    Lesson 10
  • Warm up. Review aids, tighten girth, adjust stirrups.
  • Serpentines, rising and sitting trot with and without stirrups.
  • Circles.
  • Ride down centre line.
  • Jump small course - 2'6" maximum.