For candidates preparing for the D1 test

Lesson plans are available for Stable Management and for Riding.
You also may want to look at General Notes for Stable Management Lessons (they are the same for each level so you only need to check once) and the Reading Lists (these are all in one page showing required and resource reading for all levels and for instructors).

Stable Management Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Points of the horse: Learn all points shown on MH frontspiece
  • Be able to demonstrate points on real horse or pony.
    Lesson 2
  • Learn the colours of horses/ponies. (ref. MH)
  • Learn to distinguish and describe colours using real horses or good colour pictures.
  • Learn additional colours (appaloosa, buckskin, palomino, etc.)
    Lesson 3
  • Learn to name and describe, using real horses or ponies or good colour pictures
    • The face markings of horses/ponies,
    • The leg markings of horses/ponies
    Lesson 4
  • Learn the names of breeds of ponies and horses.
  • Learn the types of horses.
    Lesson 5
  • Feeding: - Learn the basic daily care and routine.
  • Introduce Rules of good Feeding.
  • Know common feeds, treats (succulents).
    Lesson 6
  • Learn/review parts of saddle & bridle.
  • Learn elementary care of tack - how to wash, use of oil, use of saddle soap to clean leather.
  • How to clean metal parts of tack.
  • How to clean other materials (webbing, nylon, etc.)
  • How to put up bridle and saddle correctly.
    Lesson 7
  • Learn to identify and to correctly use the hoof pick, dandy brush, curry comb and body brush.
    Lesson 8
  • Review quick release knot, also what to tie to, what to tie with.
  • How to lead pony through doorway or gate.
  • How to walk, trot, turn and halt correctly when leading.
  • How to tack up and untack pony.
  • How to turn pony out in paddock correctly.
    Lesson 9
  • How to work safely around pony.
  • How to read signs/signals of horse about to kick/bite.
  • How to ride safely in a group.
  • How to ride safely on various road/footing conditions.
  • Learn Highway Code.
    Lesson 10
  • Introduce basic knowledge of conditioning (ref. Are You Ready?).
  • Learn to recognize basic signs of good health.
  • Learn to recognize signs of unsoundness.

Riding Lesson Plans

    Lesson 1
  • Turn out - correct dress and tack.
  • How to check tack - especially girth and length of stirrups before mounting.
  • How to adjust girth while mounted at halt.
  • Mount, dismount, lead and hold pony correctly.
  • Basic position and aids review.
  • Walk and trot rising, shorten reins.
  • Canter (one at a time) to rear of ride.
  • Change rein by half circle and across diagonal.
  • Games.
    Lesson 2
  • Warm up exercises at halt - including two point.
  • Check position - 2 straight lines.
  • Riding 20 m. circles - review aids at walk.
  • 20 m. circles at rising trot - review diagonals.
  • Canter transitions in corner or on circle, review aids.
  • Ride without stirrups at walk.
  • Games.
    Lesson 3
  • Warm up exercises and basic position check at halt and walk.
  • Work without stirrups at walk - circles, straight lines.
  • Walk down centre line to change rein.
  • Ride down centre line and alternate direction - form pairs down centre line and divide etc. (walk & trot)
  • Ground poles - at walk in two point, and at trot rising.
  • Games.
    Lesson 4
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Serpentines at walk from wall to wall.
  • Circles at trot, practising diagonals.
  • Practice canter, explaining leads.
  • Maintain two point position at walk and trot.
  • Ground poles at rising trot and in two point.
  • Games.
    Lesson 5
  • Warm up exercises at halt and walk - some without stirrups.
  • Circles at trot and canter - review aids.
  • Change rein different ways.
  • Drill work - down centre in pairs, etc.
  • Ground poles as in Lesson 4. Add X rail.
  • Games.
    Lesson 6
  • Warm up exercises - some without stirrups.
  • Serpentines at trot.
  • Trotting poles - rising, even pace, balance.
  • Trotting poles to X rail - canter away, halt on straight line.
  • Games.
    Lesson 7
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Canter-trot transition practice.
  • Canter circles.
  • Ground poles to X rail. Add second X rail, one non-jumping stride beyond.
  • Games.
    Lesson 8
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Ride out - cross country, weather permitting.
  • Walk and trot outside.
  • Low logs, streams, hills, etc.
    Lesson 9
  • Warm up exercises.
  • Circles at all paces - emphasize transitions.
  • Serpentines at walk and trot.
  • Down centre line in pairs.
  • Trot and canter over X rails.
  • Games.
    Lesson 10
  • Warm up exercises at halt and walk, without stirrups.
  • Review mounting, dismounting, leading in hand.
  • Trot, rising and sitting.
  • Circles at walk and trot.
  • Canter one at a time.
  • Walk and trot over poles & 18" X rails.
  • Ride with control in open, away from group.
  • Games.