Educational Badge Program

Overview of Badges

This badge program gives us the opportunity to accomplish several objectives of Pony Club and to offer members ways to learn and have fun with their horses in a safe, enjoyable environment. It can give direction to an education program; it can introduce a wider variety of horse-related topics than involved in preparing for testing; and it can be a useful tool in encouraging intermediate members to remain in Pony Club. Young people join Pony Club with excitement and high expectations. A fun and educational badge system is an excellent way to encourage this enthusiasm, reward their efforts, expand their knowledge, and encourage initiative.


Badges can:

The Badges

Currently the Canadian Pony Club offers:

The program is open-ended, giving branches the opportunity to choose the badges best suited to their education program and volunteer resources, or to suggest new badge topics to National for later inclusion in the handbook.

All members, regardless of age or level, may work towards achieving any of the badges.


The overall badge system will be administered by the branch Education Chair or committee. Members can participate with the branch executive in choosing which or how many badges they wish to include in an education program. The branch can teach core badges to all members at that level if they wish. Some of these may require attendance at branch-run clinics for completion. In addition, branches can encourage members to undertake some of the individual or team research or art-related badges as independent studies. These may depend on the volunteers and resources available to the branch.

Complete details about the badge program are available for downloading as a PDF document (requires Adobe Reader) from our Documents page.

Pictures of all the badges and information on requirements for each one are available here.

Branches may order badges using the Supplies Order Form.


Canadian Pony Club would like to acknowledge and thank Vicki Hanes of Perth, ON and Kim Penner of Glenboro, MB for their invaluable assistance in designing the badges. Both of these artists gave unstintingly of their time and talents to ensure the success of the program. Thanks also go out to Layne Mendryk of the Devonshire PC in ANR for designing the I Love My Pony Beginner Badge, and to Christina Backhouse of Evangeline PC in NS for designing the Colours & Markings, Parts of the Saddle and Parts of the Bridle Beginner Badges.