FeedRite Easy Rider

Members should know the basic principles of feeding for a horse or pony kept at out most of the year. They should be able to identify some grains and roughages. They should also know the basics for getting their horse or pony fit for light activity.

Members should be able to talk about what their horse or pony eats both in winter and summer. They should understand why the feed changes in winter. Hay rather than grass and increased grain and roughage in cold weather. They must understand the importance of watering.

Grains and Hay:
Using samples of whole and crushed grains, the members should learn to identify oats, barley and corn.

They could be encouraged to bring in samples of hay, both good and bad quality and discuss the differences and why poor quality hay is bad for their horse. They could also draw pictures of the different kinds of grain and illustrate how to provide water for a pastured and stabled horse, both correctly and dangerously.