Apple Saddlery Tack & Tack Care

To name basic parts of saddle and bridle, be able to clean tack, saddle and bridle a horse (with assistance if necessary), and know the basics of correct fitting of saddle and bridle.

1. Group Work: Cleaning Tack
Work as a group cleaning tack. Members should know the materials required: warm water, sponges or cloths, saddle soap, neatsfoot oil or conditioner. They should work together taking the bridle apart, washing and cleaning the leather. They should name the basic parts of the bridle and saddle while cleaning it. Help may be needed to reassemble the bridle.

2. Group Work: Saddling, Bridling and Fitting tack
Working as a group, the members should learn and perform the basics of saddling and bridling a horse. They should learn the basics of fitting the bridle: the bit should lie comfortably in the mouth with a slight wrinkle, not banging the teeth; the noseband should be two fingers below the cheekbone and at least one finger between the nose and the noseband; the throat latch should have a hands width between the jaw bone and the throat latch.

They should be able to saddle the horse making sure the saddle pad is not tight over the withers, the girth is attached to the correct billets (the same both sides), and the saddle is not pressing on the withers.

All these activities can be taught in small groups of two to three members over two sessions and the members achieve their badge on successful completion of the two sessions.