Barn Safety

Members should learn about safety features in barns, pastures, arenas and riding rings. Safe trailering can be included, as well as basic rules in the warm up ring or in group lessons.

Barn Safety:
This can be taught in a fun way by distributing objects etc. around a barn and asking members in pairs or teams to identify as many problems as they can. Illustrations of dangerous situations in barns can also be used.

Paddock Safety:
The same methods can be used for paddocks or arenas. Members can be asked to design the perfect, safe turnout area for their pony as an individual or team project.

Members can be shown the correct way to lead a pony on and off a trailer and a basic check of a trailer before travelling, e.g., floor, lights, hitch, etc. They will only be expected to know that these should be checked by a competent adult.

This badge can best be achieved through at least two hands-on education sessions supplemented by hand outs to be completed