I Love My Horse

Members should learn the basic health care for their horse. This can be done through developing the requirements for a stall card for a horse at a rally.

Stall Card:
Members should produce or be given the type of information card that is required for rally stalls. They should bring a recent picture of their horse and learn how to fill in the following requirements:

What he eats, when, how much
Horse's TPR at rest and how to take them
His worming program, types of wormers, how often
His vaccination program, what he gets and when
His farrier and schedule for visits, phone number
Name and phone number of vet
Particular likes, dislikes, vices, etc.
How often you ride, schedule of fitness program
This badge can be done through one or two clinics or education sessions. Members can complete their cards at home. Members should complete a stall card, a feed chart and a vet and farrier record card for their horse or pony. This is good preparation for a first rally.