Handling and Grooming

Members should learn the basic grooming tools and how to use them. They should learn how to halter their pony and fit the halter correctly. They should be able to lead the pony in hand, turning correctly and leading the pony into and out of a stall. They should know the basics of showmanship ? how to lead out a pony and stand it up for a judge or vet inspection.

Members should be able to identify and use the basic grooming tools in the correct order and on the correct parts of the horse: hoof pick, curry comb, dandy brush, body brush, face brush, mane comb, sweat scraper, shedding blade. They should understand when they should groom and why.

Members should learn how to safely catch and halter their pony, lead it into the barn, put it in a stall, take it out of the stall and put it on cross ties or tie up with a quick release knot.

They should learn how to lead a pony out in hand, turn and trot back and stand the pony up for a judge or vet.

This badge can best be taught in two or three barn education sessions. It is a very hands-on subject and great emphasis should be placed on safety as the reason why things are done this way.