Blankets and Bandaging

Members should be able to identify and put on basic bandages and blankets. They should know when and when not to use them, how to care for them, basic materials used.

Members should be able to identify stable, shipping or travel, and tail bandages and be able to put them on correctly and safely. They should also have a basic knowledge of some first aid bandages such as spider and figure 8. They should understand when these bandages should be used and what their purpose is and when they are not suitable. They should know the problems if bandages are not put on correctly and the dangers of misusing them.

Members should be able to put on and take off a blanket correctly and safely. They should be able to identify and know the correct use for the following:
  1. Summer sheet.
  2. Cooler (wool or cotton mesh)
  3. Winter turn out
  4. Stable blanket (indoor)
They should learn about the fitting of blankets and the choice of the correct type for the conditions. They should know about care such as washing and mending and the possible problems encountered when horses are turned out in blankets.

These topics could best be covered in two clinics, one on blankets and one on bandaging. Members would be expected to practice bandaging and be able to identify types of blankets and bandages under supervision.