Welcome to IPE 2005
Alberta Tour and Nations Cup
Ontario Tour and Maple Leaf Challenge
2005 IPE Team Members
Officials & Organizers

Thank you for the generous support of our many sponsors. We could not have hosted this event without your support!!!

Inter-Pacific Exchange Rally Sponsors:

Canadian Pony Club Regions

  • Alberta South
  • Alberta Central
  • Alberta North
  • BC Islands
  • BC Lower Mainland 
  • Central Ontario
  • Nova Scotia
  • Saint Lawrence Ottawa Valley
  • Saskatchewan
  • Western Ontario 


Canadian Pony Club Branches (From the West to the East)

Saskatchewan Region

  • Delisle Pony Club

Alberta North Region

  • Garden Valley Pony Club
  • Strathcona Pony Club

Alberta South Region

  • Horizon Pony Club

Western Ontario Region 

  • Albion Pony Club
  • Caledon Pony Club
  • Grand River Pony Club
  • Guelph Pony Club 
  • High County Pony Club 
  • London Pony Club
  • Mill Ridge Pony Club
  • Mount Nemo Pony Club
  • Westover Pony Club 

Central Ontario Region (COR) 

  • Centaurus Pony Club
  • Durham Pony Club
  • Eglinton Pony Club
  • Kawartha Pony Club
  • King Pony Club
  • Maple Pony Club
  • Pickering Pony Club
  • Simcoe Pony Club
  • Temiskaming Pony Club
  • Toronto North York Pony Club

Saint Lawrence Ottawa Valley Region (SLOV)

  • Kingston Pony Club
  • Rideau Pony Club
  • Valley Pines Pony Club

Nova Scotia Region

  • Annapolis Pony Club
  • Colchester Pony Club

Corporate Sponsors

Private/Individual Sponsors

  • Sandy & Suzie Bell
  • Bart Eubank
  • Margo Gaglione
  • Don & Karol Shipley
  • Gary & Georgina Guthrie
  • Bill & Nancy Murray