Welcome to Interpacific Rally 2005

Welcome to IPE 2005
Alberta Tour and Nations Cup
Ontario Tour and Maple Leaf Challenge
2005 IPE Team Members
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The Canadian Pony Club was pleased to host the 2005 Inter-Pacific Exchange Rally! We hope it was a memorable experience for all.

IPE 2005 would like to thank this year's IPE Chair, Mr. Del Zelmer, for putting his time and thoughts into this year's program, including designing the 2005 logo. The 2005 logo is built around 2 stylized horse heads with the Canadian maple leaf in the background. The red maple leaf is the symbol of Canada and is proudly displayed on the Canadian flag. The horse heads are stylized to resemble the Canadian Rockies, a feature for which Canada is internationally known.The Nations Cup competition was held at Spruce Meadows where the peaks of the Canadian Rockies can be seen looming on the horizon. There are two horse heads signifying that the Inter-Pacific tour was held in two parts of our beautiful nation.  
We would also like to thank all our volunteers, participants, family, friends, sponsors and supports for your time and support for this event. Without you, this would not be possible. Everyone played an important part in making this a success.
IPE 2005 Committee
Thank you!