The Central Ontario Region of the Canadian Pony Club presents

National Quiz 1997!

Official Final results of the National Quiz have BCIN as A/B Champions and SLOV as C Champions!

A/B Division Team Results

1 BCIN Lisa Restall, Jaimie Kidston,
Jennie Carr, Nicky Bradshaw
2 Western Ontario Annie Baird, Kevin Maxie,
Lindsay Thompson
3 Alberta Sharon Choney, Holly Rinderknecht,
Rebecca Gaglione, Carolyn Fedechko
4 Central Ontario 2 Brandie Millen, Sarah Roberts,
Mary Gilroy
5 Central Ontario 1 Alana Salmon, Corrie Hall,
Julie Wright
6 BCLM Carley Krenn, Marissa McCaffery,
Pippa Emrick, ST
7 BC Islands Kristen Thompson, Kristen Bulk,
Samantha Smith

The "Top Ten" A/B Individuals

The Billie Mann Memorial Bursary including a Large Plaque, keeper plaque and $100.00 cash was awarded to the individual champion, Annie Baird of Western Ontario
1 Annie Baird Western Ontario 59.67
2 Nicky Bradshaw BCIN 59.40
3 Alana Salmon Central Ontario 57.56
4 Holly Rinderknecht Alberta 57.40
5 Jennie Carr BCIN 56.96
6 Jaimie Kidston BCIN 55.24
7 Mary Gilroy Central Ontario 54.66
8 Lisa Restall BCIN 53.53
9 Corrie Hall Central Ontario 53.00
10 Samantha Smith BC Islands 51.71

If you want to find out scores for all A/B competitors, click here

C Division Team Results

The Champion C team from St. Lawrence Ottawa Valley Region was awarded the Horse & Country Magazine Trophy

1 SLOV 1 KS,Rachel Freedman, EH, RJ 267.68
2 Central Ontario 1 Karen McKenzie, Nicole Baker,
Christina Meyer, Sandra Czarny
3 B.C. Islands SH, Katie Wagner, EW, Sarah Wagner 252.03
4 BCLM Erin Borrow, Andrea Breaks,
Kristina Breaks, Jennifer Knight
5 Western Ontario Pam Elgie, Carol Whitney,
Carla Bauer, Aislinn Jones
6 SLOV 2 JS, LM, Diana Whellams, LW 240.77
7 Central Ontario 2 Katherine Field, Ashley Aimone,
Laura McCormack, Cheryl Post
8 Saskatchewan Kathy Boardman, Shannon Jones,
Cristin McCarty, Sky Walker
9 BCIN Meghan Dewhirst, Kim Silveira,
Sorrel Schoenberger, Jenny Waters
10 Manitoba KM, TM, Carli Owens, Tina Zappitelli 228.97
11 Alberta Erica Lindquist, Amanda Delong,
Tamara Murray, Melissa Stephen
12 Nova Scotia/NFLD TM, CP, Alison Johnson, ML 218.50

The "Top Ten" C Individuals

1 KS SLOV 62.69
2 Rachel Freedman SLOV 61.06
3 Katherine Field Central Ontario 60.74
4 EW B.C. Islands 60.44
5 RJ SLOV 60.41
6 Pam Elgie Western Ontario 60.39
7 Shannon Jones Saskatchewan 59.88
8 Karen McKenzie Central Ontario 59.78
9 Sorrel Schoenberger BCIN 59.04
10 Erin Borrow BCLM 58.31

If you want to find out scores for all "C" competitors, click here.

The 1997 National Quiz was successfully hosted by the Central Ontario Region on October 10-12 at Eaton Hall Conference Center which is located near King City about 30KM north of Metropolitan Toronto.

This year we had 10 of the 11 Canadian Pony Club Regions represented by a total of 72 competitors of whom 48 competed at the "C" level and 24 at the "A/B" level.

The entry fee for the Quiz included all accomodations, transportation, scheduled meals, a hay ride and a trip to Paramount's "Canada's Wonderland" theme park. By clicking here, you can find out more about Canada's Wonderland by visiting their website.

This was the schedule of activities at the Quiz.

Friday Oct 10 4:00-6:00 PM Registration
  6:30-7:30PM Light Supper
  8:00-9:30PM Written Tests and Chaperones get-together
  9:30PM Welcome party for Competitors, Chaperones meeting, and marking of written tests
Saturday, Oct 11 8:00-9:00AM Breakfast
  9:00-11:30AM Stations, Games
  12:00-1:00PM Lunch
  1:00-3:00PM More Quiz Stations
3:00-4:00PM Free Time
4:00-5:00PM Written Tests, Captains' review
6:00PM BBQ, Hayride
Sunday Oct 12 8:00-9:00AM Breakfast
9:00-11:30AM Tack and Visual
11:30AM Bus leaves for Canada's Wonderland (must but your own lunch)
4:30PM Bus returns from Wonderland to Eaton Hall
5:00-6:00PM Captains' Review of Stations and Visual
7:00PM Awards Banquet
Monday Oct 13 8:00-9:00AM Breakfast
... Departures....Safe Journey Home!!