National PPG 2011


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2011 National Masters

August 19-21

Hosted by Central Ontario


2011 Masters National Games Report Summary

Alison Rainford - National PPG Chair

Shortly before the start of The National Masters weekend hosted by Central Ontario Region it became apparent that the 2009 amendment to the National PPG Rules to permit more flexibility re: competition level eligibility at the Regional level was not applicable to the National Masters Competition.

This precluded an underage regional team member from participating Nationally with the Regional team.

Efforts were made to find an acceptable solution within the written protocols available to the Canadian Pony Club but there was insufficient time to allow this to be appropriately undertaken Consequently, on the morning of the event, the co-stewards of the event, Bill Murray and myself (Alison Rainford) convened a meeting of the organizers and all of the coaches involved.

The decision was made to cancel the National Masters Competition and instead have a fun games day with all of the players participating. The coaches talked with their team members to be sure all were in agreement. Every member wanted to play even though no one would be awarded the national trophy and this would not be a national competition.

To acknowledge the good sportsmanship of all the competitors from across the country, ribbons were awarded, teams gave gifts to pony lenders, and adults and pony club members seemed to have enjoyed themselves despite the difficulties initially encountered.


2011 National A's

September 9-11

Hosted by BC Lower Mainland

Venue and Registration Form

Meet and Greet at the Hoe Down at Southland Riding Club on Friday evening.


2011 National Selection Camp

September 23-25

Hosted by Western Ontario