Aug 29/30
Joe Brown Park in Surrey

Teams from Alberta , Central Ontario, East Maple Ridge in BC Lower Mainland Region, Vancouver in BC Lower Mainland Region and Nova Scotia met at Joe Brown Park on Panorama Ridge in South Surrey BC to compete for the National A Level PPG Championships on Saturday August 29th.

The competition was made up of five sets of four games each, with teams riding different borrowed ponies in each set.

The "Bouncers" team from Alberta North came in first. They were Stephanie Strome, Tara Mitchell, Kelsey Bochon-Duffy, Jessica Wallin, and Kristen Pym

The Central Ontario team from the Uxbridge-Scugog Branch, made up of James Cruikshanks, Chrystal Geer, Jane Stephenson, Rachel Stewart and Emily Stubbings placed second.

In third place was East Maple Ridge team from BC Lower Mainland. They were Travis Van Dongen, Jordan Cornish, Martine Kramer, Emma Weatherill and Naomi McCullogh.

The Vancouver team from BC Lower Mainland comprised of Naomi Tidball, Julia Madigan, Sarah Gilmour, Taylor Schneider and Emma Wiebe captured fourth place.

In fifth place, returning to National Games competition for the first time in about 20 years was the Nova Scotia team. Making it a truly national (sea-to-sea) meet were Sidney McKenzie, Kaissa VanMeekeren, Rebecca Ongo, Miranda Beveridge and Cali-Rose Keating.

Competition was close on an almost perfect day, with the standings going back and forth throughout the day.