Prince Philip Games
National A Division
Championships 2006


The Uxbridge-Scugog “Hoof-Hearted” team from Central Ontario scored a decisive win in the Canadian Pony Club National Prince Philip Games “A” Championship held near Port Perry on August 27th. The team, composed of Sean Cruikshanks, Luke Durward, Kaylin Nauta, Madison Reeves and James Cruikshanks, was coached by Lisa Pascoe, an alumna of the Uxbridge-Scugog “Cowboys”. This marks a real triumph for the Uxbridge-Scugog Branch, whose Masters team won the National Masters Games Championship recently.

In second place was the team from East Maple Ridge Branch (BC Lower Mainland Region). Teams members were Kim VanDongen, Michelle Forrest, Danielle Cornish, Nicki Kroestsch and Jordan Cornish. Their coach was Erin Borrow.

Last year's champions the Strathcona “Bruisers” (Alberta North Region) finished third. They were Katie Macbeth, Kylee Mitchell, Tara Mitchell, Jessie Nikish and Jocelyn Skelton. Their coach was Robin Macbeth.

Fourth place went to a very young and relatively inexperienced mixed team from Central Ontario. Team members were Chelsea Geer, Jane Stephenson, Michael Nauta, Martin Urrubura (Uxbridge-Scugog) and Emily Lindsay (Simcoe). Michelle Cruikshanks was their coach.

The “Best Games Pony” Award went to Pandora.