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From the Editor

As you all know, our activities are run by volunteers and it is their willingness to do this for others that keeps our program very active in Nova Scotia and across the country. Without these giving, caring (about the development of our youth) people, we would not have a full and busy program.

In between newsletters, look on our Regional Pony Club website for updates and results. (Go to the national website at and connect to the region’s website from there.) Remember if you have information for the website/newsletter, please pass it to your Branch web master or your DC to be forwarded to the Regional Communications Chair.

Regional Chair

I hope your summer has gone well. Just a few items to bring to your attention:

Registration for 2008: Registration will begin very shortly for 2008. For DC’s, National would like you to remind all branches that there are changes to the forms for 2008, so do not let your members use the old forms to register.

CPC Calendars will be arriving the end of September. Each member will receive two calendars to sell (or buy). You may want to think about including the cost of the calendars in your branch membership fees. Cost is $10 per calendar. Great Christmas Gift for volunteers, past members, coaches, grandparents, etc.

Be sure to mark October 26 to 28 on your calendar. That is the weekend of the Regional Branch Education Workshop to be held in the Halifax area. Representatives from National will be present to discuss Governance, Risk Management and Insurance, Membership, Finances and Navigating the Web site. This conference is open to all DCs ADCs, Treasurers, Secretaries, Test reps, Discipline chairs etc. This promises to be a very interesting and stimulating weekend. We are hoping that each branch will be able to send at least three adult representatives to attend this important meeting. Come and meet people from your regional executive and other branches and find out more about how Pony Club runs! An important Youth Meeting will take place at the same time and location. All branch Youth Reps are invited to come and join our Regional and National Youth reps to discuss issues of interest to our members.

Congratulations to our members for achieving the following B/A test levels in 2007.
B level
Karie Brown
Sydney Hines
Erin Sloan
Merilee Yuill
A level
Jackie Allen

We also tried the C2 Regional Testing this year. Congratulations to all successful candidates. Regional Testing at this level will be assessed as to pros and cons and whether or not to continue. Special thanks to Johanne Head, our Regional Test Chair for her many, many efforts to put all these Regional Tests together.

Gay Hansen, Regional Chairperson

News from our National Director

Lapel Pins - These lapel pins are available to everyone for $1.50 from your DC. More can be obtained from me as Branches require. The design is the new emblem you’ve been seeing at the top of our newsletters. Wear these proudly. We will be mailing one of our regional newsletters with a stamp with this design to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of CPC in 2009.

These lapel pins are excellent as trader pins, especially at National CPC events and is what they were originally designed for. Wear them proudly.

All branches have a copy of the lesson plans (from BC). These are meant for the members use. Check with your DC or Education Rep for more information.

New Badges - We are planning to add a 75th Anniversary Badge which would be given to every member in 2009. Accepting submissions for designs for this new badge. Deadline to submit to National Office is October 15th. Also looking for ideas for new badges.

Enjoy the cooler fall weather,
Judy Allen, National Director

National Show Jumping Championship

This summer I was fortunate to be chosen to represent Nova Scotia at the first CPC National Show Jumping Championship which was held in Edmonton, Alberta.

The competitors from Ontario, Manitoba, and British Columbia were billeted with families in the Alberta North region. The first of the three days we spent at the West Edmonton Mall. The second morning the horses were trailered in and we all met at the riding venue for horse orientation. We all drew our horses’ names out of a hat as well as our order of go. We had an hour to get to know our horses on the flat and over fences. After lunch we all did our flat ride after which I was in third place. The last day was the over fences portion, with the gymnastic in the morning and the course after lunch. I was seventh and first in those sections but had to wait for the scores to be tallied up to see if I would make it into the switch class where the top four competitors all jumped three more rounds on the others’ horses. I finished fourth overall.

I would like to thank the Region for supporting my trip – it was a great experience.

Erin Sloan

Quiz Report
Our team going to National Quiz this October and chaperone were introduced to each other during ABC Rally and had a quick meeting to fill out forms. They accomplished a lot in a short time.... decided on color and style for team shirts, ordered host region hoodies and discussed plans for the upcoming National Quiz. The girls are getting excited to travel to Edmonton. Details of their weekend at National Quiz can be seen on the CPC webpage/2007 national events/national quiz. As announced in our Spring Newsletter our team consists of Caitlin Swinkels, Fairwind; Merilee Yuill, Opportunity, Teigen Bond, Colchester; Rachel Foote, Annapolis; alternate Mary Beth Kehoe, Avon; Chaperone Susan Foote, Annapolis. Congratulations to all team members. Good luck and have fun in Edmonton.

Brenda Swinkels
Regional Quiz Chair

Tetrathlon News

We did not host a formal Regional Tetrathlon Championship this year as the number of competitors who were able to attend was small and since they were all planning to attend the Tantramar Pony Club Tetrathlon camp, it was decided that we would run the events during that week.

Owain Beaton had excellent scores in the shoot and run and was awarded first place ribbons in the Novice men’s division. Peter Dodsworth also had an outstanding shoot with a score that would easily have been competitive at the National level. Tiffany Blaauwendraat and Sarah Locke finished 1-2 in the senior women’s division and Rylee Currie and Michelle Bonin, who had a personal best in the swim, were 1-2 in the junior women’s division.

This year the National Tetrathlon Championships were held in Lacombe, Alberta and we sent three competitors from our Region- Tiffany Blaauwendraat and Sarah Locke from Opportunity and Michelle Bonin from Tantramar. The forth team member was Rylee Currie from Charlottetown. Lisette Bonin accompanied the team as chaperone. The girls had a great week of competition finishing 7th as a team. Individually, Tiffany was 5th in the run, 6th in the shoot and 7th in the swim, Sarah was 3rd in the shoot and 5th in the ride, Michelle was 8th in the run and Rylee was 4th in the run and 7th in the ride.

St Lawrence Ottawa Valley is hosting Nationals next year and as well, 2008 will be the next International exchange to England and Ireland.

Many Pony Club Tetrathletes go on to excel in related sports such as Fencing, Shooting and Modern Pentethlon. Our tetrathletes will be pleased to hear that former Alberta-South Pony Club member Josh Riker-Fox has recently qualified for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Josh participated in Tetrathlon for many years, aging out in 2004. He attended the 2004 National Tetrathlon Championship in Truro and was a member of the 2004 Canadian National Tetrathlon Team at the International Tetrathlon Exchange in England and Ireland (along with Nova Scotia team mates Jennifer Wilson and Inga Hansen).

Josh recently earned the Bronze medal at the Pan Am Games in Rio, Brazil in men's Modern Pentathlon (a sport much like Tetrathlon, with Fencing added as the fifth phase).

Other former Pony Club Tetrathletes who have represented Canada in Olympic competition are: Ian Solner - Modern Pentethlon; Laurie Shong - Modern Pentethlon; Kara Grant - Modern Pentethlon; Kim Eagles - Air Pistol; and Laurie Shong - Fencing.

Debbie Sloan, Regional Tetrathlon Chair

Rally Report

This year both D Rally and ABC Rally were held at Central Nova Horse & Pony in Truro following the Central Nova Horse Trials Event. It was great to see so many of our members compete in the Event as a practice for Rally. Horse Trial events fit very nicely with the Pony Club program and are a lot of fun and great experience for testing and rallies. Central Nova Horse Trial organizers were very pleased to have so many Pony Club members competing. Over the years we have tried many different formats for Rally depending on dates, venues and the ability to get volunteers. With each change in format, comes new challenges. While we had great rallies this year, we (organizers, parents, members) have lots of ideas for improvement for another year and depending on next year’s format, will put some of them into effect.

D Rally Results:

Stable Management
1st Annapolis
2nd Friendly Breezes
3rd Scramble (West Valley, Opp. and Tant)

1st Scramble (W.V., Opp, Tant)
2nd Annapolis
3rd Friendly Breezes

1st Emily Kirby , 47.9 W.V.
2nd Natasha Poole, 51.6 W.V
3rd Rebecca Ongo, 72 Annapolis
4th Emma Foote, 76.5 Annapolis
5th Kaylan McGinnis 104.2 Friendly Breezes
6th Jazmine Dugas, 106 Friendly Breezes

Captians Class (Clear Round)
Andrea Jack
Damita Hansen Annapolis
Kari Brown West Valley

C Rally:

Stable Management
1st Avon
2nd W.V./Opt/Tant
3rd Fairwind
4th Col/ Annapolis
5th Oppt/ Tant
6th Annapolis

1st Fairwind
2nd WV/ Opp/ Tant
3rd Opportunity/ Tantramar
4th Avon
5th Annapolis
6th Colchester / Annapolis

1st Liia Roop, Avon
2nd Emma Eisses, Opportunity
3rd Jessica Bowlby, West Valley
4th Caitlin Swinkles, Fairwind
5th Mary-Beth Kehoe, Avon
6th Nora Brown, Fairwind

1st Erin Sloan 57.2 Tantramar

1st Emma Eisses, 50.4 Opportunity
2nd Mary-Beth Kehoe, 54.4 Avon
3rd Liia Roop, 58.2 Avon
4th Rachel Foote, 61.3 Annapolis
5th Tracey Brouwer, 70.8 Opportunity
6th Brittany Parker, 72.9 Annapolis

1st Jessica Bowlby, 96.8 West Valley
2nd Damita Hansen, 98.1 Annapolis
3rd Laura Jaquard, 104 West Valley
4th Emma Geldart, 105.3 Colchester
5th Andrea Hamilton, 114.9 Colchester
6th Dezeray Winkleman, 167.5 Annapolis

Lynn Hines Memorial Trophy: Emma Eisses , Opportunity

Donald Grant Trophy, Inter-Maritime PC: Erin Sloan Tantramar

Captains’ Ride
Kari Brown West Valley
Nicole Harvie Annapolis
Teigan Bond Colchester

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Best, Regional Rally Chair

Colchester D Challenge

Colchester held their D Challenge on September 8th, a very warm day but a great day. We had 17 entries from various Branches and were very pleased to be able to host this event again this year.

Individual Placings

Name Club Level Dressage score Flat score Totals Placings
Lane Yuill Colchester D 65.65 100 165.65 1
Emily Baltzer West Valley D1 68.24 95 163.24 2
Lianna Jacquard West Valley D1 60 100 160 3
Rebecca Dodsworth Opportunity 2 D 61.3 95 156.3 4
Emma Marquis Opportunity 2 D 64.78 90 154.78 5
Suzie Pinkney Opportunity 1 D1 67.06 85 152.06 6

Team Placings

1st West Valley
2nd Opportunity #2
3rd Colchester
4th Opportunity #1
5th Avon

Governor-General's Scholarships

Applications are on the website...check there for details or contact your DC. Deadline at the National Office is December 15th.....get started now as it is a detailed procedure.

Affiliate members Criteria

If you were unable to be a member in your 20th year, and therefore, did not graduate out of Pony Club, you may now rejoin as an Affiliate Member provided that you were in PC for a minimum of seven years. This is an expansion of the criteria. Check the CPC website to see the entire criteria.

Associate Members

People interested in furthering the objectives of Pony Club serving as an officer or volunteer at the Branch, Regional or National Level, are invited to become Associate Members. Simply fill out the form and give it to your DC or Regional Chair. There is no fee to become an Associate member and it is a one time form and many of you completed it last year.

New Trophy

Canadian Pony Club has established a new trophy that will list the names of each year’s full ‘A’ members. The trophy was donated by Dick Rockwell in memory of his wife Adele Rockwell. Adele was the first member in Canada to achieve her ‘A’. The trophy will be called the Rockwell Princess Elizabeth Trophy and will be seen in our National virtual Trophy Case on the website. Computer records only go back to the mid 1980's so if you or someone you know achieved their ‘A’ before 1987, please send an email to the National Office and let them know or notify your DC.

2007 Dates

D Challenge - Windsor, October 21
Regional Branch Educational Conference, The Chocolate Lake Hotel, Halifax, October 26-28
Regional Youth Meeting will be included in the above Conference (watch for more details)

Quiz Practice for our Younger Members

True or False... Check out the answers with your PC friends:
  • When grooming, the rubber curry comb can be used in place of a dandy brush. (True or False)
  • A dandy brush must never be used on the withers. (T or F)
  • The loins are in front of the croup. (T or F)
  • Seed, meadow and chaff are all types of hay. (T or F)
  • To catch your pony, run up to him before he runs away. (T or F)
  • The browband prevents the headpiece from slipping down the pony’s neck. (T or F)
  • A piebald horse has a mixture of brown and white patches. (T or F)
  • After feeding, you should ride your pony to help him digest his meal. (T or F)
  • A bran mash is made with cool water, bran and salt. (T or F)
  • It’s okay to let your pony drink from a bucket with broken-up ice in it. (T or F)
  • When picking out hooves, pick downward from heel to toe. (T or F)
  • When turning a horse while you are leading him, turn him towards you. (T or F)
  • The gullet, skirt, gaskin and buckleguard are all parts of the saddle. (T or F)
  • Apples and carrots are succulents. (T or F)

Branch Reports

Annapolis Pony Club - It is hard to believe the summer is over and the members are back to school. Although the weather was not great for hanging out at the beach, it was perfect for horse shows! Annapolis was very busy this year and proud to have participated in all pony club events sponsored throughout the province.

In June we headed off to the PPG Zone Competitions at the MacMillan Center in Truro with a Masters and B Team. The night before the competition our D Rally team practiced on Salmon River cross-country coach with club instructor Julia Young. We stayed overnight in Truro and were on the PPG grounds early for competition day. It was a great day for the games with ‘edge of your seat’ activity as the competitors crossed the finish line within seconds of each other.

The following week, the club was back at the MacMillan Center for the 2007 Regional Stadium Show Jumping Competition. This was the first year Annapolis participated in the regional show jumping event and would like to thank Opportunity for hosting a well organized and successful day.

We were not home for long and we were off again for D and ABC Rally. All of our rally members participated in the NS Horse Trials event on Sunday after which we setup the stable management area for D Rally the following day. We had a young D Rally team this year, and we were proud they placed first in the stable management portion of the event. With a successful D Rally wrapped up, many of our members stayed on to participate in the ABC Rally for Tuesday and Wednesday. For all of our C Team, it was their first ABC rally. The team enjoyed the event, learned a lot and are all looking forward to next year's rally. At the end of rally week, we packed up a bunch of tired riders, parents and horses and headed back home for a well deserved rest. Thank you to the Rally organizers for putting together another successful rally. We know a lot of work goes into organizing rally and we appreciate your efforts.

August 8, 9 and 10th Annapolis held their annual pony club camp program. Our members got flooded out the first night of camp as the valley received one of the largest downpours of the season. Many of our campers picked up their soggy tents and moved into the indoor arena to sleep. The following morning we woke up to having no power on the grounds until late in the day! It was a little dark in the barn cleaning stalls and tack, but it made for some humourous and memorable moments. Our camp program this year consisted of two lessons per day for all members, an education and stable management program and a BBQ and pool party to wrap things up. A big thank you to ShurGain in Port Williams and Swagman's Tack Shop in Berwick for sponsoring our camp prizes this year.

On August 19th the club spent the a gorgeous sunny day on the beautiful grounds at Applewood for a cross country ride and picnic. Members headed out on the cross country course under the direction of Julia Young and Nancy Marshall Hinojosa. Members went over the starter and pre-training jumps at Applewood with some members braving the training section. Jessica Best (Annapolis B member from last year), joined us on course as a mentor and we were thrilled to have Jessica back in the saddle with us. It was also an exciting day for our younger E and D riders as this was the first time that many of them cantered in an open field, and for Hannah Foote - her first cross country jump! On behalf of the club, I would like to thank Nancy Marshall Hinojosa for hosting Annapolis at Applewood for the day. This is our 2nd annual Applewood Picnic day and it is the highlight of our summer ride program.

Our E and D lesson program was held over the summer. Our youngest riders had the experience of trailering across the valley for their lesson program with club coach Julia Young. The first series of lessons were hosted at Clayhill Farms. With a solid start in the saddle, our young E and D riders were off to Applewood Farms for a series of lessons and they wrapped up the summer program with lessons at Beth Rand's farm. I think the older riders were a little envious as this group toured the valley and lessoned in multiple places. This group is busy preparing for Windsor D Challenge in October and will start their lessons up again in early October to get ready.

On August 26th we proudly watched Damita Hansen (C) participate with the Nova Scotia team at the PPG Masters National Competition in Chester. I was ill for the event so I was sorry to miss the opportunity to watch some of the top PPG talent in the country compete. I understand it was a great success and cudos to Jackie Allen and the organizing committee for doing NS proud!

We will be wrapping up the summer with a scrapbooking session at Sheffield Community Center in September. We captured a lot of great photos over the summer and members will have the opportunity to add to their Annapolis PC scrap book.

D level testing is scheduled for September with approximately 10 members testing for various D levels.

Annapolis is hosting a dinner/auction and dance on September 29th at the Sheffield Community Center. We will be having a BBQ chicken dinner with live and silent auction throughout. With our bellies full, we will be kicking our heels into the sounds of the Rust Buckets until the wee hours of the morning. We would love to see you on the dance floor. If you are intersted in attending the event, please contact Heather Ongo at 678-6312 or for ticket information.

For the rest of the summer, several of our members participated in the Applewood and Hobby Horse Horse Trials event, as well as various fun shows throughout the valley. It has been a great summer at Annapolis!

Heather Ongo, DC

Colchester Pony Club - On June 16 a number of our members attended a driving clinic at the Truro Racetrack to learn about harness racing. Each of our members spent time with the drivers learning about the harness and the horses. They also got a turn driving around the racetrack. A great time was had by all who attended.

On June 17 we held a pretest clinic for our new members to prepare them for testing and assess their skills. We hosted our Primary Hunter Fundraiser Show on June 23. There were 53 entries, a little less than last year, but still a successful show.

We followed that up by having our annual camp July 9-13; members rode twice a day having a flat lesson and an over fences; Thursday was cross country day and testing was on Friday.

Congratulations to our new D member Lane Yuill. D1 members Talia Bond, Emily Cameron, Charlene Chapman, Abbey Devlin, Olivia Giffen, Ashlee Bates. D2 members Amelia Goulet, Jenna MacDonald.

C Rally was held July 24,25. Our team Andrea Hamilton, Emma Geldart, Becky Baines, Teigen Bond, Chantal Paupin and Damita Hansen (West Valley) did a great job and had lots of fun.

We hosted a D Challenge on Sept. 8 and would like to thank everyone who participated.

Respectfully submitted,
Norman Paupin, DC

Eastern Shore Pony Club - Fundraising was a huge focus for our club in the Spring and early summer. We had some great success with a canteen at the Ride and Drive as well as tickets on a lottery tree and 50/50 tickets at a local business in Porters Lake. Parents and ESPC members put a lot of energy and time into the fundraising and made it a success.

We hosted Sheila Pickrell and Danica Ellis for clinics. One member attended the pretest clinic for C2 at Alex Beaton’s.

In early July, Eastern Shore sent a team of three riders and one scramble from Fairwind PC to the Atlantic Zone Jumping Competition in Truro. Our team won overall champions and we are now proudly sharing a beautiful trophy. Riders-Caitlin Swinkles, Victoria Duggan, Kelsey Merritt and Nicole Hooper.

July 16-19 we headed to Killeavy Stables for our annual summer camp with Alex Beaton. Members and volunteers stayed at White’s Motel and Cottages

in a variety of housekeeping cottages and camp sites in tents or trailers.14 members attended with 9 adult volunteers; 11 horses were trailered in for the camp and one member leased a horse from Killeavy Stables.

Alex provided instruction on Dressage, stadium jumping and cross country. In addition, lectures were given on Conformation, parts of the horse and basic safety in the barn. A saddle fitting lecture was also provided by Rachel Argo, Master Saddle fitter. A comprehensive video was viewed on the subject of leg anatomy.

Currently we are moving into our testing season with 8 members testing D-C1 and 2 members going for their C2 practical in September. Good luck to all the members!

Respectfully submitted,
Pam Hooper, DC

Tantramar Pony Club - Tantramar Pony Club began the summer by hosting a four day camp for Tantramar members and members from other Branches interested in Tetrathlon. Erin Sloan and Stephanie Bonin participated in the ABC Rally, and Michelle Bonin participated in the D Rally. Erin completed the B testing and passed. Erin also placed fourth at the National Show Jumping Championship, which was held in Edmonton, Alberta. Inga Hanson and Erin Sloan participated in the Dressage and Venting Clinic held at Alex Beaton's. Michelle Bonin was one of the members on the Nova Scotia team which participated in the National Tetrathlon Championships held in Red Deer, Alberta. Finally, Erin and Inga helped out at the Prince Philliip Games, in Nova Scotia, this year.

Margaret Wheaton, Tantramar DC

In an effort to keep you informed,
Your Regional Committee