From the Editor

As you all know, our activities are run by volunteers and it is their willingness to do this for others that keeps our program very active in Nova Scotia and across the country. Without these giving, caring (about the development of our youth) people, we would not have a full and busy program.

In between newsletters, look on our Regional Pony Club website for updates and results. (Go to the national website at and connect to the region’s website from there.) Remember if you have information for the website/newsletter, please pass it to your Branch web master or your DC to be forwarded to the Regional Communications Chair.

Greetings From the Regional Chair

Hi Everyone!

As you may have heard, Carollyn Crewe has stepped down as chairperson of the Pony Club due to an accident her son was in while away in South Korea. She and her husband, Brad, have gone over to South Korea to be with him.  Now that he is out of the ICU, the family will have to take over daily care for him, as they do not provide nursing for patients after they get out of the ICU.  Many people have offered their support and would like to help the family out in anyway that they can. We have set-up a couple of ways that you can help support the Crewe family. One is by sending a donation, by September 15th, to Margie Johnson (Acting Treasurer) in any amount that you feel that you would like to contribute.  Margie will deposit all the cheques and make one out from the N.S. Pony Club to the Crewe family. Each individual donation will not be recognized, just one amount from all of us in Pony Club. Margie's address is: 867 Hwy#2 , RR#2 Brookfield, N.S., B0N 1C0. A second way is to attend a clinic that is being organized. Information is included at the end of this newsletter.

I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself while I am filling in for Carollyn as Acting Chairperson for the Nova Scotia Pony Club. I have been involved with Pony Club for many years, most of those years as a member. Since my ‘graduation’ from Pony Club, I have remained active by helping out with rallies and on a variety of committees at the regional (provincial) level. I am just getting back into eventing with my horse, Chandler, so hopefully that will get me out and about a little more to meet some of our members.

From looking at our calendar, it definitely has been a busy summer! From testing to rallies, there has been no shortage of things to do in the Pony Club world. On thing that I have noticed is that participation has been down with some of these regional events. As a past pony clubber, I want to mention that I think this is unfortunate. To make the most of your pony club experience, you should become involved! This is where you will make lasting friendships and memories that will stay with you for years to come. Also, it is tough to ask our volunteers to continue to organize these events for such few people. So remember, as you outline your show plans, do remember the Pony Club program.

We are looking forward to a busy fall ahead. We are planning an End of the Year Banquet to showcase all the competitions and events that have occurred in the Pony Club this year. We are also planning on having a seminar that afternoon for Pony Club members. This will take place in late October and we will contact you as soon as the date is finalized.

Happy Trails,
Jennifer Healy
Acting Chairperson

News From National

Photos Wanted - CPC is producing a calendar of our members. The first edition will be ready in early October. NS is featured in the month of August. Each member is requested to sell 2 calendars at $10 each and proceeds will go to both the Region and National. Your DC will give you more information. The summer has offered lots of photo opportunities and there is still plenty of time to get those cute ones too. I will be asking for photos for the 2008 calendar later. Ask your parents and friends to start snapping those pictures. Please ensure you obtain the approval of any/all persons, don’t forget the background folks, in the photo for printing.

North Atlantic Rally Exchange - The first NARE International visit will be hosted by BCLM in Canada 2008. This rally is designed as an exchange of information for ages 15 to 18 years old with a minimum of C level. It is not a rally as we know it, but some riding will be included. The exchange will take place every other year and is a maximum of two weeks. The host county will provide clinics in Dressage, Stadium and Cross-country. The host country may organize a two or three day horse trials competition or combined test or other suitable activity following the clinics. The countries participating are Canada, USA, UK and Ireland.

How To Be Considered For Exchanges - What makes the difference when candidates have the same riding level and minimum qualifications? To prepare yourself for successful consideration you should be a very active member. Participate, participate! The panel choosing the candidates is very impressed with members who participate in branch and regional activities. They look at all the activities that you have participated in each year. The panel also is impressed by volunteer work both within Pony Club as well as outside. Give yourself the leading edge and participate!

Happy Riding,
Judy Allen
NS Director

Stadium Jumping Report

Atlantic Zone Show Jumping Championship - The results were:

2'3" Medal: 1st-Angel Pinkney-Opp, 2nd Megan Johnson-Opp, 3rd Carissa Blaauwendraat-Wheeler- Opp, 4th Jacqueline Burgess-Opp, 5th Chelsea Penney-Opp
2'6" Medal: 1st Amy Sharpe-Avon, 2nd Merilee Yuill-Opp, 3rd Nikita Blaauwendraat, 4th Kelsey Jones- Opp
2'9" Medal: 1st Mary Beth Kehoe-Avon, 2nd Kayleigh Smith-Avon, 3rd Krista Brouwer-Opp
3' Medal: 1st Tracy Brouwer-Opp, 2nd Tiffany Blaauwendraat-Opp, 3rd Rachelle Blaauwendraat-Opp, 4th Emma Eisses-Opp
3'3"-3'9" Medal: 1st Erin Sloan Tantramar, 2nd Inga Hansen- Tantramar, 3rd Krista Brouwer-Opp

Team Awards: 1st- Opportunity/Tantramar Scramble- Inga Hansen, Erin Sloan,Tiffany Blaauwendraat, Kelsey Jones.
2nd - Opportunity 2- Emma Eisses, Tracy Brouwer, Rachelle Blaauwendraat, Nikita Blaauwendraat.
3rd - Opportunity 1- Krista Brouwer (2 entries), Merilee Yuill, and Connie McLellan.

- A group of medalists from the Atlantic Zone show Jumping championship -
Diana Locke

D Rally

We had a great D Rally at Hobby Horse this year. Numbers were down, but we had a great day. As organizers, we were a bit disappointed in lack of entries and look forward to a bigger turnout next year. For D Rally we had teams, two from Annapolis & Eastern Shore and Avon sent a team.

SM 1st was Annapolis ‘Black’ 2nd Annapolis ‘Yellow’ 3rd Eastern Shore 4th Avon

Overall 1st Annapolis ‘Black’ 2nd Eastern Shore 3rd Avon 4th Annapolis ‘Yellow’

Top Riding Individual Heather Doran, Annapolis Yellow 2nd Nicole Hooper, Eastern Shore 3rd Damita Hansen, Annapolis ‘Black’ 4th Victoria Duggan Eastern Shore 5th Rachelle Foote Annapolis ‘Yellow’ 6th Brittany Parker Annapolis ‘Yellow’

Congratulations to all participants.
Debbie Best D Rally Chair

Atlantic A/B/C Zone Rally

ABC Rally was held at Central Nova Horse and Pony Grounds on July 17 to 19. Twenty-four competitors from six Pony Club branches attended. The competitors comprised four teams. Each team had a captain, two grooms, three or four riders and one chaperone. As in past years, accommodation was at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro.

Rally began at noon on Monday. Competitors worked hard to settle in their horses and set up tack and feed rooms. Formal horse inspection and soundness check was followed by the Captain’s written test which quizzes each team captain on Rally and Eventing rules. After supper, the cross country course walks were completed, followed by stable management inspections.

Day-two was the first day of riding with both dressage and cross country competitions taking place. Riders had the choice of three competitive divisions; Entry, Pre-Training or Training. Turnout inspection for dressage started at 8:30, followed by the ridden dressage tests. During the morning the Captains and Grooms were busily setting up the cross country cool out stations as well as preparing horses, barns and tack rooms for the morning stable management inspection. The barns were open for public viewing at lunch time and many visitors took the opportunity to inspect the immaculate stables, tack and feed rooms. The cross country riding phase started with turnout inspections at 1:00 and horses were on course by 1:30. The day was a hot one and all competitors were very busy with horse cool out. The last stable inspection was just before supper. Chaperones transported their teams back to NSAC for food and a swim. Not surprisingly, many competitors decided to nap instead of the trip to the pool.

The third and final day started with early stable inspections, stadium jumping course walks and more turn out inspections. The stadium jumping competition was followed by the Captains’ Class where team captains ride borrowed horses over the jumping course. Next came the Grooms’ Equitation Class, again on borrowed mounts. A formal mounted awards ceremony was the closing event. The competitors and their horses looked fantastic as they circled the ring in full dress and carrying their team banners.

Colourful rosettes, trophies and many prizes were distributed to the competitors. Overall Team placing (riding plus stable management) was as follows: 1st place The Charlottetown/Tantramar/Opportunity/West Valley Team (hereafter called the Super Scramble Team), 2nd place Avon II, 3rd place West Valley/Annapolis and 4th place Avon I.

Top Stable Management awards went to Avon II, with the Super Scramble team in 2nd place, 3rd place went to West Valley/Annapolis and in 4th place was Avon I.

Placings in the Grooms’ Equitation Class was: 1st Liia Roop, 2nd Emily Kirby, 3rd Amy Shupe, 4th Erin McDermott, 5th Megan Sears and 6th place tie Nastosha Swinnamer and Mira Dietz-Chiasson.

Clear Round awards in the Captains’ Jumping Class went to Michelle Hood, Jasmine Reynolds, Cree Taylor and Amber Luddington.

Individual riding awards were as follows: Training Dressage (1st and 2nd place) - Katelyn Murnaghan and Hillary Foster; PreTraining Dressage (1st to 6th place) - Jessica Bowlby, Mary Beth Kehoe, Emma Eisses, Samantha Allen, Sydney Hines, Kari Brown. Entry Dressage (1st and 2nd place) - Katie Greenough and Kaleigh Smith.

Individual Overall Training awards (1st and 2nd place) - Katelyn Murnaghan and Hillary Foster; Individual Overall PreTraining (1st to 6th place) - Jessica Bowlby, Emma Eisses, Mary Beth Kehoe, Kari Brown, Samantha Allen, Sydney Hines. Individual Overall Entry (1st and 2nd place) - Kaleigh Smith and Katie Greenough. he Donald Grant Trophy for the overall high point competitor and the High Point C Rider Trophy both were awarded to Jessica Bowlby of the West Valley Team.

Congratulations to all of the Zone Rally participants for their excellent Horsemanship and Sportsmanship; they were well prepared and it showed! Thanks to the dedicated team chaperones who made sure that all competitors were properly fed, watered and cooled out. Last but not least, thanks to the Pony Club Branches who shared the work of running the Rally and to the generous individual volunteers who turned out to help.

Respectfully submitted on behalf of the ABC Rally Committee,
Gay Hansen

Regional PPG Report

The 3rd Annual Atlantic Zone PPG Cup was a great success. It was held on August 20, 2006 at CNHP hosted by Friendly Breezes. We had a total of five teams who were all very enthusiastic and encouraging of one another. The day started with a few showers from the PPG Gods, just enough to keep the dust down; a perfect start to the day.

It was a close race between all. We had new champions in all divisions. Friendly Breezes won the Masters Division. Friendly Breezes also took home the A Division Allen Cup (Allen Family Perpetual Trophy). Coming in second, was Annapolis Pony Club. The Annapolis/Opportunity team placed third. First in the B Division was Avon Pony Club who took home the Jackie Allen Plaque. Avon Pony Club also took home the well deserved sportsmanship award.

Overall it was a wonderful day and fun was had by all. We had a very positive and respectful group of athletes and a very willing group of volunteers’ parents. Friendly Breeze Pony Club worked hard to insure the day ran smoothly. Thanks to all for their hard work.

Congratulations to everyone for their hard work in all their riding and look forward to seeing you next summer.

EXTRA EXTRA, READ ALL ABOUT IT… Nova Scotia Prince Philip Games wants YOU? That’s right… YOU!!! The summer of 2007, the best game riders from across Canada will be coming to Nova Scotia to participate in the National Masters Championship Cup. The Cup will be held over 4 days at the end of August.

During this event there will be group activities, BBQ’s and the National Cup for members and parents to participate in. It will be an action packed weekend.

This is going to be an experience of a life time, not only for the Nova Scotia members participating but also a wonderful opportunity for younger members and parents to see a National Competition right in the own backyard.

This is a major event and an honor to host such a show. Members interested in participating are asked to contact their Regional PPG Chair. Don’t let this special opportunity dismount you in front of the jump. Let’s work together to make this event a success and show the rest of Canada what Nova Scotians are all about!

Look forward to seeing everyone at the end of August to have a good time and to support your fellow Nova Scotia Pony club members. For more information and ways to get involved contact Jackie Allen at

Keep your carrots peeled for more news about this upcoming event in the next news letters and website…

Let the Games begin!
Jackie Allen
NS PPG Chair

Well, much to everyone’s dismay, fall is rapidly approaching and summer quickly coming to a close. I would like to congratulate all pony club members who took on active participation in rallies, quizzes, shows, testings and all other pony club activities this summer. It takes a lot of hard work and determination, as we are all well aware, so hats off and a job well done to all.

Over the summer, plans have been worked out to set up the rider fitness clinic, which is going to be held in conjunction with the year end banquet. Jenn and I have been working on getting it all organized and good to go for the fall.

Below I have a matching game for everyone to try. The word “horse” we find is used in our everyday vocabulary a lot, so match up the words on the right with what they are referring to on the left. It’s tougher than you may think, but I will have the answers posted on the youth page!

I have also been working to improve the youth website. Throughout the summer, there have been breed and rider profiles for every month so be sure to check up on that on a monthly basis. To test out everyone’s knowledge of the breeds and riders that have been going on our youth web page, here is a bit of a quiz. All possible answers are on that web page:

1. We are a pony breed that has proven to excel in most FEI disciplines and the only breed that is native to Ireland. We are an extremely hardy breed and typically stand 13 to 14.2 hh. Which breed are we?

2. I am a rider who was born in Lima, Peru. You heard a lot about me after my mount, Barbaro, had gotten seriously injured at the Preakness Stakes. This happened shortly after we had won the Kentucky Derby this year. Who am I?

3. We are the oldest draft breed that is native to Great Britain. We are a strong breed and have no feathering on our legs. Our legs also, at first glance, look as if they are too short for our bodies, which gave us a nickname. Which breed are we?

If you have any other ideas for the web page or anything you would like to add, please send ‘er on over to me! (
Respectively submitted,
Jessica Swinkels
Regional Youth Rep

Branch Reports

Eastern Shore Pony Club - The onset of summer brought a very busy schedule for our club. Eastern Shore Branch had the privilege of hosting the canteen for the NSEF Ride and Drive event in Lawrencetown. It was a very rainy day but there was a good turnout for participants as well as a good selection of exhibits and booths. It was also a great learning for our kids as they got to see another part of the equine sport.

We have had several of our members competing in Primary, EC and training shows. We also had one of our members who had a very successful trip to Ontario. Congratulations Kelsie and Peter! One of our members participated in the Andy Wadowski clinic at Central Nova Horse Park on June 28 and went on to participate in the CNHT on July 16.

ESPC held a successful clinic with Jen Hamilton July 6 and 7 at Windcrest Stables.

July 18-21 ESPC held our annual Summer Camp at Killeavy Stables in Wilmot with Alex Beaton. We had 13 members participate with 10 horses. We had a dressage and X-Country focus with lectures on braiding and bandaging. Alex was a wonderful coach and host and everyone learned and had a lot of fun!

In preparation for D-Rally we attended the stable management clinic at Hobby Horse Farm in July with Pam Graves. We went on to compete with a team of 4 riders a captain and 2 helpers and finished 2nd overall!

We still have lots to come as we prepare for testing with a Pre-Test Clinic in late August and written tests in September. Our practical test will be held in October. D-Challenge is also just around the corner and we hope to send a team to Colchester in September 9.

It has been a busy and successful year so far. Thanks to all the parent volunteers that made it all happen

Report respectfully submitted by,
Pam Hooper, DC

Fairwind Pony Club - This summer brought a full schedule of equine activities. Two clinics were held in May at FFEC where pony clubbers got their horses and ponies of to a good start for the season. Fairwind PC held a badge workshop in June where everyone had the opportunity to learn about harnessing and driving on mini horses. Some FPC students competed at the Strawberry Run (June) in Ben Eoin and Horse Trials (July) in Salmon River. Also the weekend of July 15 and 16th some FPC students participated in the AFHA sponsored, Philip Hinson clinic, held in Antigonish. On Tuesday, July 18th Fairwind Pony Club sent volunteers to act as jump judges for the cross country component of the A/B/C Zone Rally. On July 29th, we sent competitors to the Opportunity PC Show Jumping Championships and Open Show on July 30th. That same weekend Fairwind was represented at the Dressage Show in Salmon River. On August 12th, the Fairwind Summer Primary Show took place. The day was full of friendly competition and good sportsmanship. This was followed by a cross country clinic August 19th and 20th. FPC testing took place August 21st, with one successful C2, one C1 and three C’s. Congratulations to all candidates who participated and thanks to the examiners. Our National Quiz team members are preparing for Quiz in October. A trip to the vet college in PEI took place August 16th, sponsored by Fairwind. They had a guided tour followed by a lecture. Other educational sessions are planned as well. Aug. 23 featured a lecture and field trip on poisonous plants, followed by a farrier giving a lecture of the foot and shoeing. The Fairwind Autumn Primary Show takes place Sept. 23rd, with entries available now.

West Valley Pony Club - I am pleased to report that we had a very busy but enjoyable summer in the Valley. Our Camp was well attended and lots of fun for the participants. We also had some wonderful clinics which provided for some great learning experiences for our members. These clinics were put on by Rachel Argo, Jane Fraser, Jen Hamilton and Cheryl Cassita. We would once again like to thank these ladies for sharing their knowledge with us. Testing is still an ongoing process within the club as our C's are testing on the 26th of August and want to wish everyone the best of luck! We previously had a successful D test and four D1's- Great Job!  A very special congratulations goes to Nicole MacHattie on her high level achievement, she now has her A status.
Respectfully Submitted,
Sheila Bower-Jacquard

In an effort to keep you informed,
Your Regional Committee

Dressage/SJ Clinic with Susan Fraser

Proceeds to go to the Crewe Family

September 24, 2006

at MacMillan Show Centre, NS Provincial Exhibition Grounds, Bible Hill,
Colchester County

We are pleased to be able to offer an opportunity for Pony Clubbers to attend a Dressage and Stadium Jumping Clinic where the proceeds will be donated to the Crewe Family. Susan Fraser has been kind enough to donate her time, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College has donated the use of MacMillan Show Centre, and the NS Provincial Exhibition Commission has donated the use of the horse barn/stalls on site. (Bring your own bedding.)

Please register by completing the attached form and mailing immediately as time is short.

This clinic is being organized by Nova Scotia Pony Club, however, it is open to all interested participants with the stipulation that non pony club members must sign the attached waiver and provide proof of membership in your local Provincial Sport Organization, ie. NSEF., etc.

Lessons will be 4 riders, approximately one hour in length; Dressage in the a.m.; Stadium Jumping in the p.m. @ $45.00 per ride or $80 total for the two lessons. Cost of stalls is included in the lesson fee. You must, however, completely clean out your stall before leaving.

We look forward to a great attendance and would appreciate receiving your entry form by September 19th. You may call for ride times on the 22nd - 902-673-2543(Margie) or 893-2042 (Pam). Bring your own lunch and snacks, etc.

We are hoping for a great turn out for this opportunity to give something back to a family who has given so much to Pony Club over the years.