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From the Editor

As you all know, our activities are run by volunteers and it is their willingness to do this for others that keeps our program very active in Nova Scotia and across the country. Without these giving, caring (about the development of our youth) people, we would not have a full and busy program. Be sure to say thank you often.

In between newsletters, look on our Regional Pony Club website for updates and results. (Go to the national website at and connect to the region’s website from there remembering to take a look a the ‘Youth Page’.) If you have information for the website/newsletter, please pass it to your Branch web master or your DC to be forwarded to the Regional Communications Chair.

Greetings From the Regional Chair

There is lots of activity this coming summer. Just take a look t the schedule of events. On this list you will see the Nova Scotia Pony Club events and some National Pony Club events. You will also see other events that are there for your interest. Of course these other dates are subject to change so keep informed.

I want to take this time to thank our DC’s. Your Branch DC ( District Commissioner)puts in many hours on behalf of the PC. The DC heads up the Executive Committee who are the ones who organize and plan the program for your Branch. It is the DC who ends up being responsible for ensuring all the rules are followed and that the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed on the many forms.

So how can you help your executive and DC? Make sure you know the latest rules and follow them, if you are filling out forms, please read them carefully and make sure they are filled out completely and returned promptly, keep in communication with the people organizing activities, provide feed back, offer to help where you can ( if you are not a “horsey” person there are still lots of other jobs!) . At the end of the day’s activities help clean up, and a “well done” is always appreciated.

DC’s are not only committing many hours to Branch activities they also sit on the Board of Directors of the Nova Scotia Pony Club. Their responsibilities on the Board involve overseeing all the Branches, Disciplines, Regional events, Regional policies and procedures, budgeting and fund raising. If you ever have any questions about the Region just ask your DC.

What is new in Testing – check out the Testing Tidbits for Feb 2006 at . Look under “News Items”. This will tell you about the new test levels – HB2, RB2 and SA. The CPC website also has the B/B2 and HA level study guides available as downloads. The Testing Procedures for all the levels are also available for downloading. Be sure to read these procedures for your level if you plan on testing this year.

Don’t lose your NSEF card! You will need that number at many activities. NSEF is now a corporate partner of Can-Am Equine Emporium that is coming to Truro June 30 – July 3, 2006. By showing your card you will save $3 on the cost of the tickets. You can check out the program at

That NSAC is now offering a two year program – the Diploma in Enterprise Management- Equine. This new program combines a business education with the opportunity to learn about horses. Check it out at : And on an ending note: I can’t think of a better investment then a good helmet that fits properly, with a properly fitted harness to hold it on! Is a good helmet expensive? Not as expensive as a horse, or a saddle and yet it is so important! CPC must wear ASTM approved helmets at all CPC riding activities. Should you buy a used helmet? The manufacturers of safety helmets will tell you that if your helmet takes a hit, from a rider hitting their head or even from being dropped on a hard surface you should replace your helmet because there can be unseen damage- so should you buy a used helmet?

I hope everyone has a fun and safe summer.

Carollyn Crewe


Are you looking for challenging new ways to be involved with Pony Club? Are you feeling that it is time to give something back to the organization that gave you a leg up in the horse world? Have you outgrown many of your branch activities, but still want to remain involved with the club? Maybe you should consider becoming a pony club tester!

Pony Club Testers are very important in developing our young members and helping them through the testing levels. They are knowledgeable people who enjoy children and provide an encouraging test environment. Being a Pony Club tester is a position of responsibility that many Pony Club members and former members find very rewarding! If you are interested in becoming a Regional Tester, read on!

  1. Active members- any active Pony Club member, in good standing , who is at least 16 years old , and who has achieved a C1 level may become an Examiner in Training. Members at this level may become examiners up to the D2 level. (that is one complete level below their own present testing level)
  2. Pony Club Alumni may also become Examiners in Training as well.
  3. Experienced horse people as approved by the region.

Plan to attend the Tester’s Workshop to be held on April 29, 2006 from 10:00 until 3:00 in Windsor, NS (location will be announced later). Bring a lunch, pen and paper, and your copy of the 2005 D/C Testing Procedures Manual(this can be downloaded from the CPC web page at . There is no need to register for this workshop, just come and take part. We will cover everything you need to know on that day and your name will be added to the list of Examiners in Training. Our Regional Test Representative, Johanne Head will keep you posted on test dates coming up in your area.

Your Club DC or Test Rep will be attending the Test Rep’s Workshop which takes place at the same place, so contact them about transportation to and from the workshop.

  1. Examiner in Training (EIT): this is the entry level. EITs attend testings as an observer and take part under the supervision of a Senior Examiner. After attending 3 testings at the D level (ie. D/D1/D2), the EIT then may be moved up to a Junior Tester at the D level. An examiner may be an EIT at the D or the C level. The process of attending 3 testings at the C level must be repeated in order to become a C level Examiner. Examiners In Training must complete at least 2 of their 3 in-training testings away from their home branch. As well, at least 2 of the 3 testings must done with different Senior (Chief) Examiners.

  2. Examiners:
           Junior D Examiner: must have completed the D Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at the D, D1 and D2 levels, but has not completed the requirements to become a senior D Examiner.
    Junior D Examiner: must have completed the D Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at Senior D Examiner: must have completed two consecutive active years testing as a Junior D Examiner
    Junior D Examiner: must have completed the D Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at Junior C Examiner: Must have completed the D and C level Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at the C, C1 and C2 level, but has not completed the requirements to become a senior C Examiner.
    Junior D Examiner: must have completed the D Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at Senior C Examiner: must have completed two consecutive active years testing as a Junior C Examiner .

    Contact our Regional Education Chairperson, Teresa Speelman at

    Regional Quiz Report

    Our Fairwind Pony Club Regional D Quiz went very well. Eleven teams participated from across the province. There were members from Avon, Opportunity, Friendly Breezes, Eastern Shore, Colchester and Fairwind Pony Clubs.

    Awards went to:
    D/D1 Individual:
    1st Jenna Bingley- Friendly Breezes
    2nd Laura Dixon- Eastern Shore
    3rd (a tie) Emma Shaw- Friendly Breezes
    Junior D Examiner: must have completed the D Examiner in Training requirements, and is now able to examine candidates at       Matthew Cormier- Friendly Breezes
    4th Andrea Jack- Friendly Breezes

    D2 Individual:
    1st Catherine Partridge- Fairwind
    2nd Orla Murphy- Fairwind
    3rd Katie MacDougall- Fairwind
    4th Natalie Cameron- Fairwind
    5th Kaleigh Smith- Avon

    1st Friendly Breezes - (Kaylan MacInnis, Jenna Bingley, Andrea Jack, Emma Shaw);
    2nd Fairwind - (Orla Murphy, Catherine Partridge, Katie MacDougall, Natalie Cameron);
    3rd Friendly Breezes (Matthew Cormier, Sarah Isherwood, Amanda Foster, Kayla Landry, Stephanie Bonin);
    4th Avon - (Robert Connell, Olivia Ledson, Kaleigh Smith, Jazmine Reynolds, Amy Shupe);
    5th Colchester - (Abby Devlin, Emma Geldart, Andrea Hamilton, Teigen Bond, Kati MacIsaac)

    Fairwind PC

    Colchester PC hosted a C quiz on April 8th. Here are the results from the C Quiz.

    Individual placings: 1st - Michelle Hood, Avon
    2nd - Amy Buckland-Nicks, Fairwind
    3rd - Caitlin Swinkels, Fairwind
    4th - Merilee Yuill, Opportunity
    5th - Orla Murphy, Fairwind
    6th - Megan Johnson, Opportunity

    Team placings:
    1st - Fairwind: Jessica Swinkels, Caitlin Swinkels, Sam Haley, Amy Buckland - Nicks, Norah Brown
    2nd - Opportunity: Merilee Yuill, Connie McLellan, Kelsey Jones, Megan Johnson, Sara Weatherby
    3rd - Avon: Michelle Hood, Tara Hood, Liia Roop, Morgan Parsons, Mary-Beth Kehoe
    4th - Colchester/Fairwind: Megan Johnson, Teigen Bond, Janice Cameron, Orla Murphy
    5th - West Valley: Amber Luddington, Jessica Bowlby, Laura Jacquard, Cree Taylor
    6th - Annapolis: Demeita Hansen, Dezeray Balcom, Rachel Foote, Heather Doran, Brittany Parker.

    Janet Geldart, Colchester DC

    Regional Tetrathlon Report

    From the National Disciplines Conference, Winnipeg, 2006, there are a number of changes coming.....We have been holding our competition as a Regional one with an invitation to NB/PEI to attend. This will now be a Zone Championship and while the riding phase remain the Stathgartney Summer Horse Trials, the 2 regions will alternate organizing the run, shoot and swim with NB/PEI hosting in 2006. It seemed to be the general consensus that our 2 regions should make more of an effort to hold joint competitions. In 2007, National Tetrathlon will be in Alberta Central, 2008 in NB/PEI, 2009 in SLOV and 2010 in Alberta North.

    Information about TREK and running the three-phase competition can be found on the National web.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Debbie Sloan, Regional Chair

    Feature Article - ‘Best for Last’

    By: Sarah Locke

    (This article serves as an intro to the following Stadium Jumping Regional Report and as a promotion for the Stadium Jumping Regional Championship in the Fall. Thank you, Sarah.)

    It is 4:30 pm on September 11th 2004. The devastating memory of the tragic event three years ago is on the minds of many people, but right now, in this moment, my thoughts have drifted to the task ahead. I can hear voices around me, telling me what to do, giving me advice. I'm not listening, my mind is focused. I'm telling myself what I'm about to do over and over again in my head.

    It's our turn. We advance out of the small passage way into the wide open. All eyes on us. I can feel the adrenalin rushing to the tips of my fingers and toes. I'm so excited, there is nothing I'd rather be doing. Just me and my pony, Bobbie, together, flying around the ring like there's no tomorrow.

    We are at Opportunity Pony Club's fifth annual jumper show. So far we are having a great day. But anything can happen now, one rail down, one wrong turn, and we lose it all. This is it. The mini prix, the third round, the jump off. We're tied, Bobbie and I, Toby and Jenna Lee. Friends but opponents.

    I hear the whistle blow, that's our cue, and we're off. I hear the whoosh in my ears and feel the wind in my hair. At least I would have but my hair is neatly tucked up under my new purple helmet. Purple is our color. I'm sure all the crowd can see is a blur of purple and brown as we fly by.

    As we cross the start line, the timers start their watches. The first jump is our destination, with burgundy, blue and white stripes, the ascending oxer is very welcoming. We land, the jump cleared with inches to spare. Being one of the trickier courses I've done, right off the bat is a demanding roll back to the "drink milk" jump which looks like a cow. Two down, four to go, and the seconds ticking away. Another roll back, the blue and white Swedish oxer is coming into view. Made it, now across the ring, picking up speed as Bobbie stride lengthens to the extent I didn't know it could. I know this is it, the turn we have to make. A roll back off the triple bar fan by the wall and inside the first fence. It will be a tight turn. I have to do this right. The jump, no problem. The turn, here we go. As my eyes dart to the next fence I lean back and put my outside leg on so hard I can barely feel it. We're turning, we can do this. I know Bobbie wants it to. I can tell by the way her breathing is in rhythm with her strides.

    As she shortens her stride and sits right back on her haunches we pivot on the spot. I don't think I'm breathing. I feel my heart pounding. YES! We did it. The smile widening on my face we gallop to the other end of the arena, but I can't lose my focus, we're not done yet. Over the blue gate and a bending line to the final oxer. I feel like we are flying. Galloping flat out towards the finish line. It has only been seconds since we've started but I wish it didn't have to end.

    As I snap back to reality I hear, the deafening cheers fill the arena. I'm so happy. My arms wrapped around Bobbie's neck we leave the ring. Behind me but never forgotten, the best turn, the best round, the best day of my life. Nothing could spoil it, not even the fact that we didn't win the class. I didn't care, winning didn't matter . I'll never forget that day. And remember, as the old saying goes "Save the best for last." I'm glad I did.

    It is 4:33 pm on September 11th 2004 and we, Bobbie and I, just finished our best and last show together!

    Stadium Jumping Regional Championships

    Doesn't that make you feel like trying out the show jumping ring? Well check out the new format for our Show Jumping Regional Championship. This year, members will have a chance to school over the course in the morning, with your coach, at the schooling show. Then compete in the afternoon over two competitive rounds. The first round will also count as a medal round, where equitation and execution of the course are scored for 60% of the medal score. Then after the second round the top riders, in each level, will do a flat ride worth 40%. Awards will go to top individual medal scores at each level, and team awards for scores over the two rounds plus medal scores. You enter as an individual and may combine into teams. Those competing at 3' and above may apply to represent the NS Region at the National Medals Finals in 2007. Ask your DC for an entry form or email . Hope to see many of you there ,

    Diana Locke
    NS Regional Show Jumping Chair

    PPG Regional Report

    Wonderful things have been happening in the world of PPG!!! As this newsletter goes out, members will already have signed up for the PPG Clinic on April 22nd in the Windsor Ex PC Barn.

    NS A/B/Master CUP:
    Date: August 20th, 2006
    Hosting Club: Friendly Breezes Pony Club
    Location: CNHP, Truro NS
    Entry Forms: Will be out in July. Please email hosting club asap if your club IS (and approximately what level) or IS NOT planning on attending this event so the organizing committee can arrange the event according. This will help the club prepare as I will not be around for support. Thank you.

    NATIONAL A’s 2006
    We would like to send a team to National A’s this year!
    Date: Aug 26/27 2006
    Location: Ontario- 1hr from Toronto
    Team: 5 riders and 1 coach

    If members are interested:
    They should be participating at the April Clinic this will be the first “try out” for the members. This will be the first time for the team selection committee to see the riders’ abilities. Names of members interested are due by April 30th, 2006 to Jackie Allen.

    Summary of Qualifications for the team are:
    Under 15 years of age as of January1st of the current year. Strong knowledge of rules of the games- Regional and National Competitions. Regularly competed in inter club games. Competed at Regional Championships. PPG skills must be done at a canter/gallop (hand offs, mounts, dismounts, turns, dropping, picking up, placement, carrying, bending, etc.). Running vault- left and right side onto a 14.2hh pony. Ability to ride a wide variety of different mounts. Teamwork, sportsmanship and organization skills. PC level and years experience has not been stated to encourage members to try out but members with more experience, higher PC level and games riding ability will have a better chance of being placed on the team.

    Responsibilities of the Team Member:
    Funding for travel expenses (fundraising is an option). Willingness to travel during the summer for team practices.

    Study the rule book. Communicate with the team and actively participate in preparation for the competition.

    NS is hosting National Master’s PPG in 2007. March 5th, 2006 a committee made up of Jackie Allen, Joanne Stevens, Traci Curry, Gay Hansen, and Jane Goodfellow met and discussed the possibilities for this competition. It will take place the end of August in Chester.

    It will be a 3 night/4 day event, teams arriving Friday night and leaving Monday a.m. Such activities as team building activities, swimming in the ocean, beach lunch, BBQ, lobster dinner, and slide shows are all in mind to show the rest of Canada what Nova Scotia is all about. Any suggestions are always welcome. Look for more information about this magnificent event coming soon!!!

    Jackie Allen
    PPG Regional Chair

    CPC /NS Website

    Be sure to check out our website on a regular basis....PPG Information; new look to the Youth Page, West Valley PC - Hosting Regional E, D & C Level Quiz Competition on May 6th...(National Quiz Qualifier) See the NS PC Website for forms and detailed Information. While you are on the website, take note of their Cross Country Clinic on July 14th at Hobby Horse Farm and their Dressage Clinic on July 8th at Killeavy Stables, Middleton; Updated Testing Procedures following the Annual General Meeting in April; Rule changes...and more.....

    Nova Scotia Pony Club Youth Page

    Jessica Swinkels, your Regional Youth rep, here to wish everyone a happy spring! We are upon the season of clinics, camps, quizzes and shows and I hope to see you all out and about!

    We have a growing list of outstanding branch youth representatives in our region. They are as follows: Sydney Goodfellow, Dezaray Balcom-Winkelman (Annapolis), Katie Greenough, Sydney Hines, Robin Riggs (Avon), Crystal Weatherbee (Colchester), Alissa Cue (Evangeline), Kaylan MacInnis (Friendly Breezes), Krista Brouwer (Opportunity), Laura Jacquard and Amber Luddington (West Valley). If there are any questions or concerns, feel obligated to contact me ( or your branch youth rep. Any one of us would gladly be of help.

    We have just held a youth meeting on April 1, at the last regional meeting where some great ideas came up. We discussed everything from the regional pin design to examiners in training to fundraising, you name it. Some other excellent ideas of interest developed like having a year end awards banquet, holding a clinic that addressed rider fitness (that ALL of us overlook) and ways to spruce up our youth website- which by the way is a work in progress. Keep visiting to check for updates.

    Answers to the crossword puzzle and the trivia questions can be found on our Regional Youth Page (

    Trivia Questions:
    1. What breed is the national horse of Canada?
    2. What piece of saddlery is a: Bucephalus? Hanoverian? Yorkshire?
    3. True or False: In evolution, Pliohippus was the first one toed horse.
    4. What was the name of Mr. Ed’s owner?
    5. Which country has won the most Olympic gold medals for Dressage?

    This was a job advertisement written in the United States in 1860 for the Pony Express: “WANTED: Young, skinny, wiry fellows, not over eighteen. Must Be expert riders, willing to risk life daily. Orphans preferred.”
    “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” Winston Churchill

    Branch Reports

    Annapolis Pony Club - Annapolis has had two monthly meetings since the last Regional meeting. Attendance has been very good and spirits are high! We had a fundraiser in February (selling tickets on a dozen red roses for Valentine’s Day) which netted us a $400.00 profit. We have set our summer lesson fee at $155.00 and our camp fee at $150.00 per member for 2006. Stable management program started in March and will run eight weeks at Clay Hill Farm (Julia Young’s)

    We have chosen two new youth reps from our club, they are: Sydney Goodfellow and Dezaray Balcom-Winkelman, congratulations girls. Annapolis will be sending a team to the C Quiz in Truro April 8th.

    Submitted by Theresa Steele, D.C

    Avon Pony Club - As we usher in the spring at Avon Pony Club March found us moving our fat, furry four legged friends into the pony club barn to commence our series of mounted lessons. The membership has just completed a very successful series of stable management lectures, our March break camp was well attended, and we are in full practice mode for the upcoming Quizzes, PPG and Tetrathlon.

    I would like to take a moment to thank Katharine Burns for her tireless efforts getting instructors/lecturers scheduled for the membership. A note of appreciation from Avon to our guest lecturers who helped out at the stable management lectures and March break camp.

    Avon is now getting ready to begin a testing cycle with written test in March and the first practical testing for D, D1 levels April 30th. Our second testing is scheduled for D2 and all C levels on July 15th & 16th. In April, we continue our mounted lessons; on April 1st we hosted a mentorship clinic with Jill Barker and a jumper clinic with Jill Swain. April 8th Avon hosted a Jen Hamilton clinic and on April 23rd we will host an open training show. If you wish to catch the events at Avon, please check out our new website

    Respectively submitted,
    Valerie A. McDermott DC, Avon

    Colchester Pony Club Annual Report - We finished our stable management lectures with a bandaging and blankets barn lecture on March 10 at Horseplay Stables in Brookfield. We sent two teams to the D quiz in Antigonish on March 25. Everyone enjoyed the day! We have been very busy with preparations for our C quiz which we hosted on April 8 at Knox United Church in Brookfield. This was a qualifier for National Quiz as well. We have also been busy with initial plans for our Primary Circuit Hunter Show on June 17. Our club recently had a cheese sale as a fundraiser. The funds made from this sale will go towards our summer camp. We will also be putting in an order for club jackets, hoodies, etc. in the near future.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Janet Geldart, DC

    Eastern Shore Pony Club - : We have held open meetings with our executive and parents in February and March. We had a series of lectures for two groups throughout January, February and March mostly a t Windcrest Stables. These included 2 lectures where we traveled to Avon PC to participate in their lectures on Feeding and the Farrier.

    Lectures that were held at Windcrest Stables included:
    Vet and First Aid, Feet and Grooming, General description, colour and markings, Barn Management and Teeth. Lameness, Loading, Shipping and Rugs as well as Saddle Fitting were held in conjunction with our March Break camp.

    We held a very successful March Break camp at Windcrest Stables on March 17, 18 and 19. Sheila Pickrell was our clinician and most of our members got to take part in three rides over the camp. Sheila also provided lectures on Lameness, Shipping, Loading and Rugs. In the spare time the members cleaned tack and looked after ponies. We were all treated to a Potluck supper and Movie on Friday night and a Pizza and swim party hosted by one of our parents. Everyone had a wonderful weekend. ESPC sent 2 teams to the Fairwind quiz on March 25. The kids had a great day and did well in the competition. On April 22 we will be host Alex Beaton for a dressage and Longing clinic. On May 6/7 we have Sheila Pickrell coming in to do a clinic. As well on May 6 we will be doing a fundraising event.

    Report respectfully submitted by,
    Lorinda Brinkhurst, DC ( 2005)

    Evangeline Pony Club - Evangeline has been continuing with Stable Management Lessons every Monday night. We have been meeting at the Greenwood Horse and Recreation Club doing hands on lectures with the horses. Lessons have included bandaging, first aid, grooming and barn safety. We’ve had a couple of cancellations due to the cold temperatures, but are now enjoying a taste of spring!!

    During March break, Alyssa and Michelle held a mini PPG Clinic for our members. It was a lot of fun and our riders were glad to be back in the saddle! We learned a couple of new games and reminded our horses that flags do not bite!! We also held a quiz for our members. They were divided into pairs and spent a full day doing quiz stations, written tests and artifacts. It was a good challenge and everyone went home with a prize and a bit more horse knowledge!!

    We are gearing up for written tests in May and are meeting next week to plan our camp and horse show. We are looking forward to attending West Valley’s D Quiz and Avon’s PPG Clinic! Hope to see some familiar faces!

    Respectfully submitted, Zena Rice, DC

    Fairwind Pony Club – Since our last report, February 4th, Fairwind has continued with lectures on The First Aid Kit, Conditioning and Proper Warm up/Cool Down Procedures. Members worked on completing two badges along with making the badge panels. Fundraising has gone well, with grocery bagging, bottle drive and selling of Pizza Delight coupons. Tickets on a water bucket filled with horsey goodies were sold at quiz.

    Our Fairwind Pony Club Regional D Quiz went very well. Eleven teams participated from across the province. There were members from Avon, Opportunity, Friendly Breezes, Eastern Shore, Colchester and Fairwind Pony Clubs. Check the regional website for results. Our club plans attended the C Quiz hosted by Colchester. May 17 is the date set for the written test with the riding to take place in August. Most of our members will be attending the May Clinic at Fairwind Farm Equestrian Center. Two members of our executive attended the National Chairs Conference in February. This was a great forum for exchange of ideas with executive across the country. Fairwind has show dates booked in August and September. See calendar of activities.

    Mary Partridge DC

    Friendly Breezes Pony Club - Friendly Breezes has been busy with stable management. Over the past month we have been preparing for quiz.  On March 25/06 we attended the D quiz hosted by Fairwind.  Our kids had a great day, and it was very well organized.

    Our fund raising committee is busy once again.  We are going to be selling tickets on lobsters, this draw is on Mothers Day.  We are going to be hosting PPG Games on August 20/06 in Salmon River at Central Nova.  We held a parents meeting, and Jackie Allen was able to attend, and inform parents what PPG is all about. We are also planning to have a small show at Friendly Breezes on July 3/06. In June or July some of our members will be testing.

    Now that the grounds are starting to dry, we can start getting our horses and ponies conditioned for the show season ahead.  

    Debby Pelly, Friendly Breezes DC.

    Opportunity Pony Club - February was a month of lectures. Every second weekend a lecture was held for our D group on Saturday and our C and up group on Sunday. Some of the topics covered were feeding and first aid. The D group discussed which badges they would like to work on this year. One group chose barn architecture and one group chose equine publisher.

    I was fortunate enough to attend the Chairs Conference in Toronto. It was an interesting trip and I got to know Mary Partridge, Carollyn Crewe and Brenda Swinkels better.

    We also held a parent/executive meeting in February where we discussed the work to be done on Branch Rules and Regulations, the 60% participation rule, our Jumper Show and paying mileage to lecturers. We also set dates for camps. This year we will be holding two camps. July 4 to 6 we will hold a camp for members 14 and older or C and above. July 23 to 25 we will have a camp for the younger members. We are currently discussing whether to test at the end of the camp for younger members.

    March was a continuation of lectures with the D group finishing their badge work. The group who did barn architecture presented the barns they designed to the whole D group. They did a great job and kept safety in mind when designing their barns. The other group submitted their stories, articles, recipes and jokes for the newsletter they put together. This newsletter was then distributed to all members.

    Ten members attended the D quiz held by Fairwind. Both groups had a good time and we found out where we need some more work. Fairwind included coupons in the packages we received when registering including some for Dairy Queen which we put to good use after the quiz. Fairwind did a marvelous job with this quiz. It was difficult but not too taxing on the younger members. The stations were well done.

    The older members had a lecture with Suzanne Perry who discussed and demonstrated shipping bandages, stable bandages, first aid bandages, spider bandages and figure eight bandages. Now our older members just have to practice, practice, practice.

    March also included another parent/executive meeting as well as a Jumper Show Committee meeting. During the parent/executive meeting we discussed information brought back from the Chairs Conference, National PPG, fundraisers for camp, (which will be dealt with more in the Camp Committee meetings), young ponies with young riders going to camp, breakaway cups and upcoming lectures and clinics.

    Alex Beaton has been booked for a C group lecture Easter Monday. She will discuss riding theory, lungeing, and teaching theory. Debbie Sloan is going to come April 30th and do a tetrathlon clinic for our members. On April 23rd Christa Veniott will be coming to Opportunity Farm to do an Equine Massage lecture for the C group. Hedley Wilson, a farrier in the Truro area, will be coming to do a lecture for the C group on shoeing. We have not yet set a date for this lecture. April is looking like a very busy month, but I’m sure everyone is looking forward to all the education they will be receiving.

    Respectfully submitted by Joanne Stevens, DC

      Tantramar Pony Club - Members have been meeting on Saturdays for stable management. We are in the process of arranging are horse show for the 21st of May.

    DC, Margaret Wheaton

    West Valley Pony Club - The year at WVPC is well underway. Our members have been attending Stable Management with our coach, Alex Beaton. We are pleased that Nicole MacHattie will also be helping us out in the near future when she returns from university.

    Unfortunately our sleigh ride had to be cancelled (no snow) but we are planning lots for the near future. Spring clean up day is scheduled for April 15th. Other events include our horse show in July, Dressage Clinic with Jane Fraser and a Cross Country clinic with Alex Beaton. We are hoping that our quiz in May will be well attended by teams; however, we understand that there is a conflict for some members with the 4H weekend.

    Many of our members will be attending the First Aid course that our test rep, Nancy Goodine was so kind to organize. Amber Luddington and Laura Jacquard were elected as our youth representatives. They have decided to organize a youth committee to help them. Our members and parents are actively participating and we are looking forward to a good year.

    Respectfully Submitted,
    Teresa Speelman 

    Dates for Nova Scotia Pony Club for 2006
    Discuss your priorities with your parents now, make your plans and mark your calendars.

    April 17 Alex Beaton lecture (riding/teaching theory & lungeing)– Opportunity PC
    April 22 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional PPG Clinic – Avon Pony Club
    April 22 Alex Beaton clinic – Dressage and Lungeing –Eastern Shore
    April 23 Training Show- Fundraiser –Avon Pony Club
    April 23 Christa Veniott lecture ( Equine Massage)– Opportunity PC
    April 29 NS Regional Examiner’s /Test Rep. Clinic
    April 30 Avon PC Test Day – D/D1 level
    April 30 Tetrathlon Clinic – Opportunity PC

    May 6 Nova Scotia Pony Club D/C Quiz- West Valley Pony
    (this quiz will be a qualifier for 'C' members wishing to attend National Quiz)
    May 6 /7 Sheila Pickrell Clinic – Eastern Shore PC
    May 7 Mega Training Show- Fundraiser – Avon Pony Club
    May 12-14 Jen Hamilton Clinic- Avon Pony Club
    May 18-22 Windsor Spring Show (Class6)- Fundraiser -Avon Pony Club
    May 21 Tantramar Horse Show –Fundraiser – Tantramar Pony Club (rain date 22)

    June 10/11 Alex Beaton Clinic (PEI) (Tentative)
    June 10 MGPA Jackpot- Medford Meadows- see below for contact 
    June 17 Primary Hunter Show – Fundraiser – Colchester Pony Club
    June 18 Strawberry Run HT (Cape Breton,NS)
    June 24 Strathgartney HT I (PEI)
    June 24/25 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional Tetrathlon Championships- Tantramar PC
    June 27-30 Tetrathlon Camp – Tantramar Pony Club
    June 28 Cross-country schooling day at Central Nova in Truro (NS) with Andy Wadowski
    Jun29-Jul 2 Windsor Summer Show (Class6- Avon). Fundraiser – Avon Pony Club

    July 3 Horse Show – Friendly Breezes PC
    July 4 to 6 Opportunity PC Camp C & up (14 and over)
    July 8/9 Cross Country Clinic at Foshay ( A/B candidates)
    July 8 MGPA Jackpot- Loyal Hill, Summerville, NS see below for contact
    July 8 Dressage clinic (open)with Jane Fraser @ Kileavey Stables, Middleton  WV
    July 9 NS Regional D Rally Clinic – Hobby Horse
    July 9 Dressage Training & jumping show( Fundraiser). Kileavey Stables in Middleton WV
    Jul 10-14 Colchester Pony Club Camp
    Jul 10-14 Avon Pony Club Camp
    July 14 Cross Country Clinic (open) with Alex Beaton @Hobby Horse in Coldbrook WV
    July 15/16 Avon PC D2/C Test Day
    July 16 Central Nova HT (NS)
    July 16 Regional Pony Club Starter Event CNHT- Truro
    July 17 to 19 Atlantic Zone Pony Club ABC Rally – CNHP _ Truro
    July 23 Evergreen HT (NB)
    July 23 to 25 Opportunity PC Camp
    July 29 Atlantic Zone Pony Club Show Jumping Team Competition- Opportunity Pony Club
    July 30 Show Jumping Show (fundraiser) Opportunity Pony Club

    August 5 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional Dressage Show – Evangeline Pony Club
    Aug 6 – 11 Canadian Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships
    August 6 MGPA Jackpot -Hobby Horse Farm, Coldbrook, NS
    August 6 Blueberry Run HT (Cape Breton, NS)
    August 12 Fairwind Pony Club Schooling Show (fundraiser)
    August 13 Nova Scotia Regional D Rally at Hobby Horse Farm – Annapolis Pony Club
    August 19 Fairwind Test day
    August 19 Foshay Farms Dressage (NB)
    August 20 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional PPG Cup – Friendly Breezes Pony Club
    August 20Foshay Farms HT (NB)
    August 24 B/B2 testing (tentative)
    August 28 Rohirrim HT (NB)

    Sept. 3Applewood Farms HT (NS)
    September 9 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional D Challenge – Colchester Pony Club
    September 9 MGPA Jackpot - To Be Announced
    Sept. 10 Hobby Horse Farm HT (NS)
    Sept. 16 Strathgartney HT II (PEI)
    Sept 23 Fairwind Pony Club Schooling Show ( fundraiser)

    October 7 MGPA Jackpot - Coveside Stables, Chester, NS
    Oct 22 Nova Scotia Pony Club Regional D Challenge- Avon Pony Club
    Nov 5 Training Show- Fundraiser –Avon Pony Club

    Maritime Grand Prix Association Jackpot is MGPA . For info contact - Lorraine Rawlins, Phone: 902-798-4234 

    In an effort to keep you informed,
    Your Regional Committee