Nova Scotia Region
Canadian Pony Club
Fall 2005 Newsletter

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From the Editor

As you all know, our activities are run by volunteers and it is their willingness to do this for others that keeps our program very active in Nova Scotia and across the country. Without these giving, caring (about the development of our youth) people, we would not have a full and busy program. You, as members, can show your appreciation in many ways: participation; sportsmanship; helping younger members, etc.

In between newsletters, look on our Regional Pony Club website for updates and results. (Go to the national website at and connect to the region’s website from there.) Remember if you have information for the website/newsletter, please pass it to your Branch web master, your Youth rep or your DC to be forwarded to the Regional Communications Chair.

Margie Johnson, Communications

Greetings From the Regional Chair

It has been a busy year up to now and I hope all of you have had a chance to take part in the many branch and regional activities that have taken place. In reading this newsletter you will hear about some members who have participated in National and International competitions.

For my space in this newsletter, I would like to ask for your feedback.

One of the most important activities of the summer is Rally, an event which pulls together a lot of the teachings of PC in one event: Dressage, Cross Country, Stadium Jumping and Stable Management. Along with these phases there is also an opportunity to demonstrate teamwork, organizational skills, communication, efficiency, time management, sportsmanship, leadership skills and more…..and this applies not only to the members but also the parents and volunteers! One is never too busy or too old to learn new skills!

This summer we were very pleased to be able to hold two full-phase rallies: D Rally and the ABC Rally. Our new Rally Guide was tested and overall seemed to have worked well. Our Rally Committee will be meeting over the winter to make any changes that we have recognized. I would love to have input from the members etc. as to what changes you feel would improve the Guide. Haven’t seen it? Well some of the Rally Guide has been put on our website and your DC also has a copy.

Everyones favorite activity, I think, is selling tickets??? NOT! Over the winter the Regional Board decided that selling Sport NS tickets would be our fund raiser and we made about $3000 on this. A suggestion at the Board over the winter was that our yearly regional fund raiser be targeted towards a particular event in the future. Raising funds to support Rally every summer was suggested. This year the Board gave the ABC Rally organizing committee $1400 towards hosting the ABC Rally, and with this money and entry fees, the Rally committee ended up with a positive $130! Did I mention learning financial management skills too! Well done group! I should mention that the $1400 was the GST rebate from hosting National Tetrathlon in 2004. Thank you Tetrathlon!

Of course holding Rally, both D Rally and ABC Rally, is very dependant on clubs and individuals helping out in a big way! A thank you goes out to all the clubs who took on a job to help with the organizing and hosting of the rallies.

The Regional Board will meet again in the fall, with the Annual Meeting planned for late November. This year we will be once again looking for volunteers to fill our many positions on the Board. All positions, except National Director, Regional Chair and Youth Rep. are for one year. Check out the Nova Scotia Pony Club Rules & Regulations for information on the structure of the Board. These are posted on the website and are available from your DC. Along with positions on the Board there are also committees to get involved in: Rally, Testing, Governance, and Management

Information on the positions available, how to make a nomination, and dates of the Annual Meeting will be available from your DC and will be posted on the Website in the fall. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to contact Carollyn at (902) 895-4059 or

Carollyn Crewe

D Rally Results

Well all in all we had a great day - July 31st at Hobby Horse Stable. Weather was awesome and no major complaints; actually had some nice comments and the scheduling was great.

Results are:

Top Groom: Teegan Bond, Colchester
Top Captain: Sydney Goodfellow, Annapolis S
Captains Ride:
  • 1st Nicole Harvie, Annapolis N
  • 2nd Michelle Hood, Avon
  • 3rd Amy Spurr, Evangeline
  • 4th (tie)Sydney Goodfellow, Annapolis S
    Erica Johnson, Colchester
    Individual Rider:
  • 1st Laura Davidson, Annapolis S
  • 2nd Brian Rice, Evangeline
  • 3rd Rachel Foote, Annapolis N
  • 4th Amy Spurr, Evangeline
  • 5th Emma Geldart, Colchester
  • 6th Kaitlyn Kennedy, Fairwind
    Top Riding Team:
  • 1st Evangeline
  • 2nd Fairwind
  • 3rd Avon
  • 4th Annapolis S
  • 5th Annapolis N
  • 6th Colchester
    Top Stable Management:
  • 1st Annapolis N
  • 2nd Fairwind
  • 3rd Evangeline
  • 4th Annapolis S
  • 5th Colchester
  • 6th Avon
    Top Over All Team:
  • 1st Evangeline
  • 2nd Fairwind
  • 3rd Annapolis N
  • 4th Annapolis S
  • 5th Avon
  • 6th Colchester

    Debbie Best
    Rally Chair

    Tetrathlon Report

    Here are the results of the Regional Tetrathlon Competition:
    Senior Women:
  • 1st: Laura Sloan
  • 2nd: Ana Murray
  • 3rd: Pearl MacGregor
  • 4th: Tiffany Blauuwendraat
  • 5th: Samantha Allen Run:
  • 1st: Pearl MacGregor
  • 2nd: Ana Murray
  • 3rd: Tiffany Blaauwendraat
  • 4th: Samantha Allen
  • 5th: Laura Sloan
  • 1st: Laura Sloan
  • 2nd: Tiffany Blaauwendraat
  • 3rd: Pearl MacGregor
  • 4th: Ana Murray
  • 5th: Samantha Allen
  • 1st: Pearl MacGregor
  • 2nd: Samantha Allen
  • 3rd: Ana Murray
  • 1st: Pearl MacGregor
  • 2nd: Ana Murray
  • 3rd: Samantha Allen
  • 4th: Tiffany Blaauwendraat
  • 5th: Laura Sloan

    Junior Women:
  • 1st: Nikita Blaauwendraat
  • 2nd: Kelsey Jones
  • 3rd: Stepanie Bonin
  • 4th: Gillian Lush
  • 1st: Nikita Blaauwendraat
  • 2nd: Stephanie Bonin
  • 3rd: Gillian Lush
  • 4th: Kelsey Jones
  • 1st: Gillian Lush
  • 2nd: Kelsey Jones
  • 3rd: Stephanie Bonin
  • 4th: Nikita Blaauwendraat
  • 1st: Gillian Lush
  • 2nd: Stephanie Bonin
  • 1st: Gillian Lush
  • 2nd:Stephanie Bonin
  • 3rd: Nikita Blaauwendraat
  • 4th: Kelsey Jones

    Swim, Run, Shoot, Ride:
  • 1st: Michelle Bonin

  • 1st: Charlottetown: Pearl MacGregor, Samantha Allen, Gillian Lush
  • 2nd: Tantramar: Ana Murray, Laura Sloan, Stepanie Bonin, Michelle Bonin
  • 3rd: Opportunity: Tiffany Blaauwendraat, Nikita Blaauwendraat, Kelsey Jones

    National Tet Results
    Senior Women
  • Erin Sloan- 3rd
  • Ana Murray- 8th
  • Ana Murray- 2nd
  • Tiffany Blaauwendraat- tied for 4th
  • Erin Sloan- 7th
  • Laura Sloan- 1st
  • Erin Sloan- 2nd
  • Ana Murray- 3rd
  • Erin Sloan- 6th
  • Ana Murray- 7th

    Junior Women:
  • Stephanie Bonin- 8th

    Team Placings:
  • Stephanie Bonin, Nikita Blaauwendraat, Erin Sloan and Ana Murray- 8th
  • Kelsey Jones, Laura Sloan and Tiffany Blaauwendraat- 9th

    For more information regarding any of the above, contact me at 506-538-2313 or e-mail

    Respectfully submitted,
    Debbie Sloan, Regional Chair

    Feature Article - IPE

    On June 22nd ,I boarded a plane in Halifax on my way to Toronto for the 2005 InterPacific Exchange Rally (IPE). The IPE didn’t actually start until the 26th, but there was a four day training camp for the Canadian team. We all became very close right away, a good thing considering that we had to share beds for the next four days! The Japanese team also arrived early for a training camp, as they had never ridden outside or cross country before (due to limited space in Japan)! We had some interesting times with the Japanese team before the IPE started.

    On the 26th, both teams loaded up their luggage and headed for the Montessori School where we were staying for the first part of our trip. The rest of the teams arrived and introductions were made, of course, none of us remembered anybody’s name. The next morning we were supposed to participate in “le Trec”; unfortunately there were not enough horses for us to use, and so we only had a verbal break down of the activity, and then participated in quiz games. After this we headed down to the “ropes course”, which consisted of balancing on rope or a telephone pole which was attached at the top of a telephone pole. Even though we had safety harnesses, it was pretty nerve racking to be that far up!

    On the 28th we took a trip to the Niagara Falls which was amazing. We all had rain poncho’s to wear for the Maid of the Mist boat ride, but one silly Kiwi (New Zealander) didn’t wear hers! She was drenched by the end of the tour. We had a full day of Niagara activities and then took a bus to various drop off locations to meet with billet families who took us for two days. The family I stayed with was very nice, and took us touring around to various horse barns in the area and to a HUGE mall. On the first of July all members were brought to Cedar Peaks Farm, where horse tryouts were held and the event would be held the next day. For this event we were all divided into scramble teams with members from each of the other countries.

    I had two very interesting mounts to tryout! The first was too spooky to do more than a trot so I was switched to another horse. This horse had no tack that fit it properly and by the time I was mounted my group was almost done their tryouts. Luckily I was allowed to ride after they were finished. This horse at first seemed to be better than the first…until it took to a bucking fit. I stayed on, but the horse let me know that it was not impressed about having to work. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to try another horse, and so I was stuck with the bucking bronco. Once tryouts were done we were all bused back to the Montessori, but this time we were in cabins used for their summer camp.

    We changed and headed to Canada’s Wonderland. It was a scorching day, so we all wore tanks and shorts to the park. Well the sun lasted just until we got there, then it clouded over and turned cold. We went on some rides, and then spent the rest of the evening huddling together, trying to keep warm. We had to stay until after the fireworks (which were worth it!) and then we all hurried back to the bus. The cabins only had thin blankets on the beds so we all bundled up to try and stay warm through the night.

    The next morning (July 2nd) we had to have a cold breakfast, because the transformer for the kitchen had blown. We all loaded onto the bus, tired and cranky to head to Cedar Peaks. Things ran smoothly getting ready for dressage. My horse seemed to be a little calmer today, only having two major fits before I had to go in to do my test. The horse actually bucked during my test, but I still managed to get 13th place (out of 30)! Then it was time for the cross country….well this did not go as smooth. The horse must have been saving up because during my warm-up he bucked, reared and tried taking off after each fence. Once on the course, part way around, he refused to jump a drop fence, and that was the end of our trip (I can’t say that I wasn’t a little relieved that I didn’t have to continue with the horse, as I didn’t trust him at all). I was told I could continue with the stadium portion, but decided that I would rather live to see the rest of the trip and I retired from competition.

    Awards were presented at the end of the day and we went back to the school. The next morning (July 3rd) we flew out to Calgary and had a wonderful welcome dinner in Delacour. From here we went to billet families. One of our team mates was from the area and so the whole team went to her house for the next few days. She lived on a 5000 acre beef farm which had lovely riding trails. We did some sight seeing and relaxed until Wednesday.

    Wednesday, the 6th, there was supposed to be a group trail ride up the Rockies but due to the heavy rainfall before the trip, it was cancelled (the roads were washed out), so instead we went on a walking hike. The hike had two casualties, one sprained ankle (Aussie rider) and one broken ankle (Kiwi coach). Thursday was a trip to Banff and Friday was Stampede day. We were up at 6am for the “Chuck wagon Breakfast” and to line up for the parade. After 2 hours of walking, waving and yelling in the Stampede Parade, we all changed and headed for the stampede. We had rodeo tickets (which was really cool) and some of us bought rush tickets for the chuck wagon and stage show.

    Saturday, the 9th, horse tryouts were held for our second competition, The Nations Cup. Here each country competed as a team. This time I had much better luck with horses, and got a beautiful grey mare that would jump the moon if you asked her. Her owners were lovely people as well. The 10th we went to Spruce Meadows where we participated in the Parade of Champions, before the Chrysler Classic started. We had great seats to watch the event and got to see Ian Miller, Beth Underhill and Rodrigo Pessoa ride. Monday, the 11th, was the day of our competition. I was really excited to be riding at Spruce Meadows! There was an Owners Round before we rode, which was a thank-you to the owners for loaning their horses, and also allowed us to see “our” horses go. The competition consisted of two rounds (same course) and a jump off if there was a tie between countries. Both this and the previous competition only recognized team placing, so if two countries were tied for points the entire teams would participate in the jump off. My horse, Last Blizzard or “Blizzy” was going really well. I was second last in each round and really nervous! I rode into the ring, saluted and began my round. There were twelve jumping efforts spread over 1km. By jump 8 we were clean, then we went through 9a,b and were heading to the last jump. The mare leaped over it, and we had a clean round! The first and only one for Team Canada in the first round. The second round started. When my turn came again I was not as nervous and headed into the ring. Unfortunately this time we got two rails down. In the second round the Aussie’s had 3 clean rounds in a row and they stole first place. The Japanese team got second (did I mention they were only 14-16 years old?!), Canada got third, USA 4th, New Zealand 5th and Hong Kong 6th. Canada in previous years has always been at the bottom of the pack, so we were quite pleased with our third place finish.

    After the ribbons were given out, as is Spruce Meadows tradition we had a victory gallop. Each team had 5 riders, and there were 6 teams…picture 30 horses galloping around a huge ring. Luckily the horses were relatively well behaved and everyone stayed on. At the finish of the victory gallop and our trip, I was the only Canadian team member who had not fallen off during the entire trip! We put our horses away, loaded onto the bus and headed back to the Mount Royal College to change for our Farewell Banquet. The meal was wonderful and each team made a little presentation. Family and friends were invited to this event, which my mother, sister and Aunt attended. At the end of the dinner we all headed back to the College and hung out until very early in the morning to see the US team off (their flight left at 5am). Then we got some sleep before the bus left for the airport at 9:30 am.

    This marked the end of our trip, but not our friendship. Many of us have exchanged email addresses and are keeping in touch that way. The entire trip was an experience of a lifetime! The next IPE will be held in Japan in 2007, I encourage everyone who meets the criteria to apply! And who knows…maybe I’ll apply as coach!

    Nicole MacHattie

    A/B/C Rally: A Quick Summary

    Pony Club A/B/C Rally was held on July 18, 19, 20 at Central Nova Horse and Pony Grounds in Salmon River, NS. Competitors and chaperones stayed at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Truro. Seven teams attended representing Colchester, Avon, West Valley, Hants County, Eastern Shore, Opportunity, Tantramar and Charlottetown. In all there were 44 competitors and 7 chaperones.

    Each team consisted of one captain, two grooms, three or four riders (top 3 scores used) and one chaperone. Riders could choose to compete in the starter, pretraining or training divisions. Competitors worked hard, the days were long and warm and the nights way too short!

    Rally started at noon on Monday, July 18 with competitors assembling tack rooms, preparing stalls and settling horses in. Late in the afternoon the Stable Management competition began with formal horse inspections followed by stable checks. The Dressage Phase was held on Tuesday morning, followed by the Cross Country in the afternoon. On Tuesday morning, the final phase, Stadium Jumping was held, followed by the Captains’ Class and Grooms’ Class. The grand finale was the mounted awards ceremony with all competitors and horses turned out in full riding dress.

    ABC Rally directly followed the Central Nova Horse Trials and a few ambitious members chose to do both competitions. Organizers noticed that riders who attended CNHT prior to rally had significantly higher R iding scores than those who did not. Competitors may want to keep this option in mind for next year.

    Rally awards were as follows:
    Team Placings:

    Overall (1st to 6th):
    West Valley, Tantramar/Charlottetown scramble, Hants County/Eastern Shore scramble, Opportunity #1, 5th Opportunity # 2, Colchester.

    Stable Management (1st to 6th): Tantramar/Charlottetown scramble Hants County/Eastern Shore scramble, West Valley, Opportunity #2, Colchester, Opportunity #1

    Individual Placings:

    • Training (1st to 6th): Kyna McGuire(WV), Nicole McHattie (WV), Ana Murray (Tant), Laura Sloan (Tant), Krista Brouwer (Opp#1), Connie McLellen (Opp#1)
    • Pretraining (1st to 6th): Hillary Foster (Hants), Merilie Yuill (Opp#1), Chelsea Thornton (Hants), Pearl McGregor (Charl), Tara Hood (Avon), Tracey Brouwer (Opp#2)
    • Starter (1st to 6th): Sarah Locke (Opp# 2), Michelle Hood (Avon), Kari Brown (WV), Kathleen Gigiero (Hants), Chelsea Schnieder (Opp#1)

    Division Winners:
    • Training (1st to 6th): Nicole McHattie (WV), Ana Murray (Tant); Laura Sloan (Tant); Krista Brouwer (Opp #1), Kyna McGuire (WV)
    • PreTraining (1st to 6th): Kaleigh Brinkhurst (EShore), Laura Jacquard (WV), Chelsea Thornton (Hants), Emma Eisses (Opp# 2), Hilary Foster (Hants), Pearl McGregor (Charlottetown)
    • Starter (1st to 6th): Kari Brown (WV), Sarah Locke (Opp#2), Kathleen Gigiere (Hants), Chelsea Schneider (Opp #1), Michelle Hood (Avon)

    Captains Class - Clear Round: Kelsey Jones (Opp #1 ), Megan Johnson (Opp#2)), Samantha Allen (Charlottetown)

    Grooms Equitation Class (1st to 6th): Kristen Bennie (Hants), Danielle Crowe (WV), Kaleigh Smith (Avon), Tiffany Blaauwendraat (Opp#1), Hannah Steeves (Hants Co), Stephanie Bonin (Tantramar)

    Donald Grant Trophy - Nicole McHattie

    Top C Trophy - Ana-Christine Murray

    Special thanks to all those branches and individuals who helped to make this rally a success. We are hoping to run another three-day rally next

    Gay Hansen
    ABC Rally Chair, 2005

    Regional Youth Rep

    “Where has the summer gone?” is a question I’m sure we’re all asking ourselves by this point. I certainly do not know the answer!!

    The youth reps, traditionally, do not meet regularly in the summer, to allow them more time to0 participate in the many PC activities going on in the way of camps, clinics, shows, events, rallies, etc. However, your branch rep, as well as myself, are always there to listen to any concerns and opinions you might have.

    Just a reminder that the Nova Scotia Youth Reps have a website. To link to it, go to, click on the NS web page, and from there you will be able to click on “Youth Section.” On it, there are details of what we do at our meetings and other interesting articles. Be sure to check it out on a regular basis!

    We are always looking for ways to “spruce up” this website. Your favourite pictures from events this summer -- camps, rallies, PPG cups, etc -- would be a welcome addition. They can be sent to me at

    The fall is rapidly approaching. This means back to school, colder weather, and frisky ponies. It’s hard to think about all that as I am sitting here writing this on a beautiful, sunny August 1st! Before you know it, it will the fall and time to elect new branch youth reps. Being a branch youth rep is a great way to get more involved in Pony Club. It is not a huge commitment, but being a branch rep does require a certain amount of creativity, responsibility, and innovation. I urge you to run for branch rep in your club.

    Although it may seem early to think about things like this, my term as Regional Representative will also be up at the end of the Pony Club year in the fall. It has been an exciting and interesting two years that I have had. I have certainly learned a lot!

    If you are at all interested in being the Regional Youth Representative, please contact me at I will pass on your name, as well as answer any questions that you might have. Please keep in mind that the position of Regional Youth Rep is two years, while a branch rep is one. If you are interested in either position, please contact your DC or myself. You can find out more information, including the (a very good thing to read!) on the Canadian Pony Club homepage under the Youth section

    I would like to thank everyone that has helped me in any shape or form during my time as RYR. This includes all the members of the present Regional Board, as well as those on it last year. I would especially like to thank Margie Johnson for all of her help, as well as the Branch Reps themselves, since I definitely couldn’t have done it without them!!

    I will be moving to Montreal at the end of August to attend McGill University. Feel free to contact me at any time via email. Enjoy the rest of your summers!

    Kate Mattocks
    Regional Youth Representative


    Date: Sunday, September 25, 2005
    Place: Central Nova Horse & Pony Association , 123 Old Salmon River Road, Salmon River, NS
    Start Time: 9:00 am sharp
    Entry Deadline: Sept. 5, 2005 (late entries will only be accepted if there is space available in the scheduling). Entries will be accepted as first received.

  • Stalls will be assigned as paid entry fees are received. Bedding Not Provided
  • Stall fees: $7 (box stall) & $5 (straight stall)

    Classes: Individual Tests: Starter Test 1 (Walk / Trot)
    Starter Test 2 (Walk / Trot)
    Pretraining Test 1 (Walk / Trot / Canter)
    Pretraining Test 2 (Walk / Trot / Canter)
    Training Test 1
    Training Test 2
    Training Test 3
    Training Test 4 (Training Tests to be ridden in 20x60 m ring)
    Freestyle Tests:
    Note for freestyle: May ride only 1 Freestyle Test which must be to the highest idden Test which level in the Individual Level.
    Ie. If you ride a Training Level Individual Test, then the Freestyle must be at Training Level.
    Open Tests:
    Open Costume Freestyle; Open Pas-de-Deux; Open Drill (Pas-de-Deux and Quadrilles to be ridden in a 20x60 m ring)

    FREESTYLE: A freestyle is a dressage test that you make up yourself and perform to music that you have chosen.

    MUSIC: Every horse has a natural rhythm to his gaits. If you ride to music sometimes you will notice that one song is great for his canter, another song might suit his trot and a lot of music doesn’t suit his gaits at all. When you make up a freestyle you choose as many as three different pieces of music for his walk, trot and canter. If you find one song that suits all three gaits that’s fine. But try to find music without lyrics. Judges prefer it and it is nicer not to have the distraction of lyrics.

    PAS DE DEUX: is also a freestyle done to music but this time with two riders. They are judged more on their ability to work as a pair. They need to do some work side by side and some in “mirror image” (across the ring from each other). Again the requirements are dictated on the test forms.

    QUADRILLE: is the same thing again but with four riders. The movements and choreography get more complicated as you increase the number of riders.

    Rules For Choosing Classes: Riders must enter the Individual Test appropriate to their level in order to enter any other classes. Riders may only enter two individual tests, but they must be consecutive (ie: Starter 1 & 2, Starter 2 & Pretraining 1, Pretraining 1 & 2, Pretraining 2 & Training 1, Training 1 & 2, Training 2 & 3, Training 3 & 4)

    Individual Tests May Be Called: You must provide your own caller. For all tests using music, you must provide your own music and a person who can start and stop the music for you.

    Appropriate Tack & Dress: For tack allowed, please see the 2003 CPC Dressage Rules (available on the CPC website). Kimberwicks will be allowed in the Starter Division only. No Martingales. Draw reins are not allowed to be used anywhere on the show grounds on the day of the show. No boots/wraps etc. allowed in the show ring. Braiding is not required, but unbraided manes should be clean and neatly pulled. Riders should be neatly attired. Medical armbands must be worn. As this is not a championship, whips can be carried as long as they meet the length restriction.


    All riders riding Training level tests (not pre-training) will be required to pay a $1.00 user fee for the EC test.

    Dressage times will be available after September 10, 2005. The times will be emailed to DC’s of each club. Check Nova Scotia Pony Club, website for times as well.

    Ribbons to sixth place in all classes.
    For information, contact Janet Geldart (902) 662-3940 or email

    Tests may be downloaded from Nova Scotia Regional Pony Club web site or check with your DC.

    The following are requirements for Pretraining Freestyle, Pas-de-Deux and Drill (not in the CPC rules).
    1. Medium walk on both reins
    2. Halt / salute
    3. Working trot sitting or rising on both reins
    4. Free walk on a loose rein (freestyle only)
    5. Working canter on both reins
    6. Change rein across the diagonal
    7. 20 meter circle at walk on both reins
    8. 20 meter circle at trot on both reins
    Entry form is at the end of this Newsletter.

    Branch Reports

    Annapolis Pony Club - Our club has been extremely busy this summer! This season our instructors are Julia Young and Susan Fraser. We also are very fortunate to have Richard Cuthbertson on hand to assist the senior level riders with their lessons. We started summer lessons in June in order to prepare for Dressage is Fun! A large group of our club members participated in the event this year and it was a very successful day. Many members were in the ribbons and had very positive comments concerning Dressage is Fun!

    The first week of July our club held its annual Summer Camp. Many activities took place and once again, it was a great camp! This would not be possible without the continued support of our members and their respective family members. I heard that the traditional trek to the Good fellow’s cottage for the mid-week “bath” and BBQ was a huge success again!

    Rider’s attended summer lessons in preparation for D Rally held at Hobby Horse Farm the last weekend in July. Hosting this event is a huge undertaking and again, I have to thank our members and families who volunteer their time and efforts to pull this off. Our Rally chair, Debbie Best, received positive feedback from many of the clubs that attended. All of the participants at D Rally worked very hard and it certainly paid off. The weather cooperated and it was a great day! Congratulations to the newest club, Evangeline Pony Club, in placing first! All participants and their ponies were terrific.

    Our club sent 2 teams to participate in these years PPG’s held August 6 in Salmon River. Again, another great day for the riders! Annapolis brought home the beautiful PPG cup donated by the Allen Family. Many thanks to the hosting club for a very positive riding experience for our club members!

    On Sunday, August 14, 3 of our members participated in testing for their respective “C” levels. Testing was held at Clayhill Farm. All were successful and I was very impressed in their display of readiness and the ease of which they appeared to “breeze” through the testing itself! Congratulations to Jessica Best (C2), Sydney Goodfellow (C1) and Marissa McIsaac (C) in this great achievement!

    Many of our D level riders and our newest members will test this Friday, August 26th at Clayhill Farm. Riders are preparing this week and I know that they will do very well. These riders have worked very hard this summer and are developing their riding skills under the supervision of their instructor, Julia.

    This fall, our club will hold its major bi-annual fundraiser. A dinner and auction will be held October 1st at the Kentville Legion. Tickets are $15.00 per person. Dinner is a complete turkey dinner with all the trimmings! Members are currently gathering donations for the auction. For further information and tickets, please call 902-679-3299.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Linda Gillespie, DC

    Colchester Pony Club - Members of Colchester Pony Club have had a busy summer. In June we held a successful Primary Hunter Show as our major fundraiser for the year. In mid July we had our summer camp with 18 pony clubbers attending and ten testing at the end of the week. We had two girls successful in achieving their C level, 7 successfully achieved their D2 and one D1. Congratulations to all girls. Colchester sent one team of seven girls to the ABC Rally in Truro and one team to the D Rally at Hobby Horse Farm. Colchester member Teigen Bond was awarded with the “Best Helper” Award for the D Rally. Congratulations to Teigen and all the girls for their hard work. In August a team of Chantal Paupin, Emma Geldart, Andrea Hamilton and Teigen Bond attended the PPG Cup in Truro. The team finished second and had a ton of fun!!! We have four girls preparing for fall testing in September. Good luck to all!!.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Janet Geldart, DC

    Evangeline PC - EPC is having a very full and fun summer.

    We started our summer by hosting the Dressage is Fun Show at Greenwood Horse and Recreation Centre. There was a great turnout and some very impressive dressage riding. The quadrille and freestyles seem to be crowd favorites. Many thanks to all who participated and volunteered their day to help out.

    Our camp was held July 4-8, again GHRC. Eleven of our members attended. Chaperones and members pitched tents and spent the week roughing it. Mid week we experienced a little rain that sent those that were faint of heart home for the night but a few were “Super Troopers” and stuck it out!!

    Riding and stable management lessons were provided by Alissa Cue who volunteered her week to be with us. As part of stable management members also worked on projects that they presented to each other and parents on Thursday night.

    We also had a Freestyle Clinic with Cheryl Casista at camp. She gave members instruction on how to put their own freestyle together and then came back on the last day of camp to see what the members had come up with. We had several Individual Freestyles and Pas de Deux’s that Cheryl and parents enjoyed.

    We held a D and D1 Test on July 7th and a D2 and C Test August 10th. Jackie Allen and Nicole MacHattie were our testers. Many thanks to them for making our testing run so smoothly and be such a positive experience for our candidates. EPC had 5 successful D1 candidates, 2 successful D2, 1 successful C and 1 successful B candidate test this year.

    EPC sent a team of 6 to D Rally at Hobby Horse in Coldbrook in July. This was most of our team’s first experience at rally. They had lots of fun but were very tired after their day.

    EPC also participated in the PPG Cup at Central Nova Horse and Pony. Four of our members entered as a Masters Team. PPG is a big hit with our club. They are already talking about next year!!! All of the team enjoyed the TREK and look forward to learning more about it for next year.

    Many members in our club have also been participating in the various shows across the province. Members participate in eventing, jumper, hunter and 4-H as well as the Pony Club activities. It has been a very full first summer at EPC.

    Stable Management will start up again in the fall.

    Respectfully submitted
    Lisa Messenger, Asst DC

    West Valley PC - This summer has been very busy in the Valley. Stable management ended in May, and our riding lessons started in May. We also had early bird lessons throughout April to get the horses into shape. Our written test went smoothly. A pizza and test practice at one of the member’s homes made studying a lot more fun.

    A visit to the Atlantic Dressage Development Centre was a huge success. They watched some lessons and very very impressed by the facility.

    Shelagh Starr gave a talk on the Chris Irwin type techniques.

    We geared up for the horseshow season. Our club fund raised and we were able to build one set of jumps per family. This brought out the skills of our members and families. Our jumps were used for our fund raiser Horse Show.

    Our camp was a huge success again this year with the girls bonding and badge work done. Riding lesson instruction was by Alex Beaton and a PPG clinic was by Jackie Allen. We tested at the end of the week. All the girls passed their levels from D to C1. Good work.

    Several members participated in the PPG Clinic, but unfortunately we were unable to attend the D Rally Clinic or the D Rally (we have a lot of enthusiastic riders for next year). Also, we attended the Dressage Is Fun Show, the Andy Wadoski Clinic and the ABC Rally. The three day rally was a lot of hard work and team members were tired when they arrived home. All the team had participated in the Central Nova Horse Trials on the Sunday prior to Rally. This was Kari’s first Rally and she loved it. Look out next year.

    Next we helped with the A/B testing held at Alex Beaton’s barn. I want to thank our girls for being helpers for the other club’s members who were testing and as riders and as ring crew, especially Carley, Emily, Leah, Kyna, Kari and Amber . I did not realize how much work goes into testing at that level.

    Nicole did her riding here for the RA, then flew to Kelowna, BC the next day to do her HA. Our C2 testing was held; three people passed. Congratulations.

    Finally our two-day Jen Hamilton clinic had a good turn out. At the end of the month we are hosting a cross country clinic at Hobby Horse with Alex Beaton, and next week a dressage clinic. If anyone is interested, email Sheila or myself.

    A beach bash is planned for our end of summer finale, and then everyone is gearing up for the events in the Valley.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Teresa Speelman

    In an effort to keep you informed,
    Your Regional Committee