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International Mounted Games Exchange

Mounted Games involves riders 14 or 15 years old playing a variety of games while riding ponies. Teams are made up of 5 riders, plus a coach and chaperone.

The exchange is held every year and rotates between Canada, Australia, Great Britain and the US.

2017 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by Canada

June 30 to July 17, 2017

Land Fees

$1000 CDN

Info and Games


Canadian Team

Lily Solomon  Toronto North York PC  COR

Nicole Blair  Medicine River PC  ABC

Sara Chauvin  Mill Ridge PC  WOR

Meigan Mullin  Boundary Bay PC  BCLM

Celia Markovinovic  Guelph PC  WOR

Alternate: Katy McCoy  Toronto North York PC  COR

Coach: Jazz Graham

Team Manager: Carrie Blair


2016 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by Australia

October 22 - November 6, 2016

Warmup Competition October 29

Finals November 5

Depart November 6

Land Fee  $800 Canadian

Canadian Team 2016

Alexis Vahey   Victoria Pony Club  COR

Danielle Henderson  Medicine River Pony Club  ABC

Savannah Weber  Grand River Pony Club  WOR

Shayna Dyrland  Medicine River Pony Club  ABC

Shalom Leger  Guelph Pony Club  WOR

Alternate - Dakota DeJong  COR

Coach - Nicole Robinson

Chaperone - Barb Robinson


2015 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by the USPC

July 12-26, 2015

Washington, DC and Lexington, Virginia

Canadian Team 2015

Aniela Breen  Guelph PC

Jazmin Peace-Wynter  Guelph PC

Sami Siegle   Pembina River PC

Bryson Stickland  Uxbridge Scugog PC

Alycia Zdolski  Grand River PC

Alternate: Marina Kirillovich  Strathcona PC

Coach Nicole Robinson

Chaperone Sandra Radcliffe



Responsibilities of Coach & Manager (Chaperone)


2014 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by The Pony Club (UK)

August 3-18, 2014

Canadian Team 2014

Angelica Brisson  Temiskaming PC

Shania Robinson  Boomer Creek PC

Mercedes Weber  Grand River PC

Haylee Archambault  Temiskaming PC

Stephanie Conner  Toronto North York PC

Alternate: Carly Alexander  Strathcona PC

Coach: Danielle Kelton

Chaperone: Sandra Radcliffe

 Tentative Agenda




Participation Agreement; International Team Responsibilities; International Exchange Application Instructions

Coach Application; Chaperone Application



2013 International Mounted Games Exchange

Hosted by Canada

First Notice

Second Notice & Itinerary

Revised Itinerary (Aug. 7, 2013)


August 9 - 25, 2013

Team Canada

Walker Breen     Guelph Pony Club     WOR

Alyssa  Yu     Guelph Pony Club     WOR

Taylor Brenneis     Sturgeon Valley Pony Club     ANR

Kate-Lynn Connelly    Sturgeon Valley Pony Club     ANR

Jordan McVittie     Temeskaming Pony Club     COR

Coach   Dawn Peace

Chaperone  Claudia Lansink

Reports from the 2013 IMGE

Del Alyssa Walker


Land Fee $600.00 Canadian

Forms for 2013

Deadline for Coach and Chaperone Applications is Dec. 31.

The tour takes place in and around southern Ontario, ending up near Guelph.

Chaperone Application

Coach Application

Participation Agreement International Team Responsibilities International Exchange Application Instructions

Coach & Chaperone Responsibilities


International Mounted Games Exchange 2012



Click on the team members above to see a photo of the team in Vancouver

as they bond as a team prior to leaving for Australia.

Megan Dick     ANR

Kirsten Radcliffe     WOR

Kearstyn Sabourin     ANR

Tayler Vick     ABC

Emma Wiebe     BCLM

Coach           Margot Vilvang      Vancouver

Chaperone     Barb Robinson       Guelph

Report from Kirsten Radcliffe

Report from Tayler Vick


2011 Pictures and Results

Report from the 2011 IMGE.

Pictures from 2011 IMGE

Cornish Report from 2011 IMGE