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Central Ontario Region Welcomes The New

Arête de Chêne Pony Club

The Arête de Chêne Pony Club is set to take its place as a Branch of the Central Ontario Region of Canadian Pony Club in time for the 2005 season. It has been confirmed as a full Branch and its members may now take part in Central Ontario Pony Club riding activities once they have achieved at least the minimum level in the Pony Club testing system; even untested members can take part in the Regional Quiz in May.

At present Arête de Chêne Pony Club members are between 7 and 17 years of age, with tested members at the D, D1, D2 and C levels. Arête de Chêne Pony Club members will be participating in testing, PPG mounted games, Dressage, Show Jumping, Working Rally, D Rally and A/B/C Rally during the 2005 season. Club colours are Forest Green and Gold with white trim and black accents.

Arête de Chêne Pony Club is based at High Pointe Equestrian Centre, Baltimore, Ontario, though members may ride elsewhere. Some members will be participating in Pony Club activities on High Pointe school horses. Branch instructors are: Gwen Boyles, Centered Riding Instructor and Rick Bishop, Certified Level 2 Hunter/Jumper Coach.

Pony Club is an international organization to promote riding and horsemanship skills among young people up to 21 years old. It has been active in Canada since 1934, and has contributed many members to Canada's Olympic and World Championship equestrian teams over the years. The Central Ontario Region comprises approximately 30 Branches with a total membership of about 500. Worldwide, membership in Pony Club exceeds 120,000, making it the largest equestrian organization in the world.

Show jumping is the most familiar Pony Club activity since it attracts television coverage at its higher levels. Pony Club also offers competition in dressage, mounted games, rallies as described above, tetrathlon (including swimming, shooting, cross-country and stadium jumping, and cross-country running by the riders) as well as "academic" competition in quiz format. Above all, the objective of all Pony Club competition is for kids to have safe fun in horse-related activities.

For further information about Arête de Chêne Pony Club, please contact District Commissioner Clare Briggs 905-373-7299 or email