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Regional Quiz Kicks Off 2010 Pony Club Central Ontario Season

On Saturday, May 8, approximately 100 members of 11 Central Ontario Pony Clubs will compete at the 2010 Regional Quiz at Uxbridge Secondary School in Uxbridge, Ontario.

Quiz is different from most other Pony Club activities in that it does not require horses or ponies. Pony Club members compete as both individuals and teams. Depending on the ages and levels of their members, Branches may choose to enter more than one team at a given level and no team at all at another level. D, D1 and D2 levels are for the younger or less experienced members, C level for the intermediates, and the A/B level for the older and more experienced members. D and D1 competition is on a team basis only while the higher levels also compete as individuals in some phases.

There are four phases: a written test, a visual test where competitors have to identify strange, obscure and unusual horsy objects by sight (older competitors often have to read an X-Ray), an oral test and several "Quiz Stations". Quiz Stations are games that helpers and spectators can play after the teams are finished with them, and they are fun for everybody. For example, "Sock it to Me" calls for the player to identify various horse-related objects that have been put into socks, by feel alone.

Branches can also submit display projects, on one of several themes, which change each year. This year the theme is "Buying a Horse", using the following format:

1. Shopping List - Determine budget, ability and experience level for your ideal horse.

2. Where to Look - Research sources for finding your perfect equine partner. Show which options you prefer and why.

3. Conformation - Discuss attributes and physical qualities you will look for based on your chosen discipline, and what conformation faults to avoid.

4. Test Ride Safety - Do's and Don'ts of trying an unknown horse at an unknown facility.

5. Pre-Purchase Exam - What is involved? What does the vet look for? What tools/procedures are used during the exam?

This year's guest speaker is Karin Davis, dressage rider, coach and trainer.

To form a Quiz team, most Pony Club Branches hold meetings and try-outs over a period of about six weeks. Often, the A/B level Pony Club members coach the other teams. Mixed-Branch teams are permitted to make sure interested kids are not left out if their own Branches do not have enough members at a given level to form a full team, or have enough for one and a half teams.

The Regional Quiz takes a full day, and is the first competition of the new season. The top four individual competitors at the A/B and C levels qualify to compete at the National Quiz in October. This year, National Quiz will be hosted by the Nova Scotia Region.

The competition starts at 9 am, and spectators are welcome without charge. Uxbridge Secondary School is at 127 Planks Land in Uxbridge, just south of Highway 47 (Brock St. E.) between Nelkydd Lane and 3rd Ave. S.

For more details e-mail Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Chair, or call him at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).