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Central Ontario Prince Philip Games Final Standings

The Central Ontario Region of Canadian Pony Club held its Prince Philip Games Finals on Sunday, July 4 at Cruickshanks Farm near Cannington. Highlight results are shown below, with complete order of finish for this meet, and also cumulative standings, following the highlights.

At the A level, a combined Uxbridge-Scugog/Durham team won the Regional championship, with a combined Rising Star/Victoria team second (no third place). The A Champion team included Nathan Kersten, Emily Fraser and Rachel Stewart of Uxbridge-Scugog, plus Michelle Treen and Jessica Rowe of Durham.  The members of the second place team were Kayla Weber, Lindsay Weber and Amy Westlund of Rising Star, plus Rachel Scott and Emily Pearson of Victoria.  In the Masters competition, Uxbridge-Scugog also finished first, with a mixed Uxbridge-Scugog/Toronto & North York team second and a combined Rising Star/Victoria team third (only one point out of second place).  The members of the first place team were Kendra Abbey, Mori Cruikshanks, James Cruikshanks, Jesse Durward and Samantha Macdonald, and the second place team included Sean Cruikshanks, Jocelyn Donaldson and Jane Stephenson of Uxbridge-Scugog, plus Jessie-Lyn Boadway and Meghan Midwood of Toronto & North York.

The top two Regional A and Masters teams go on to play for the Eastern Canada Championship against teams from the Western Ontario, Saint Lawrence-Ottawa Valley and possibly Nova Scotia Regions on July 21, with the Saint Lawrence-Ottawa Valley Region hosting the meet this year. The two top Eastern Canadian A level teams then play against Western Canada representatives for the national championship, to be held in the Western Ontario Region on Labour Day weekend this year. There is also a national Masters championship, to be hosted by the British Columbia Lower Mainland Region in August.

B and C teams compete at the Regional level only.

The Temiskaming Pony Club team took the honours at the B level, with a combined Temiskaming/Durham team second and Maple third. The Temiskaming team comprised Allie Heroux, Haylee Archambault, Jordan McVittie and Angelica Brisson.  At the C level, a combined Temiskaming/Toronto & North York team was first, a combined Maple/Victoria team second and a combined Whitchurch/Toronto & North York team third.  The C Champion team members were Reid Archambault, Spencer Brisson, Lexi Williams and Sonia Breault fromTemiskaming, plus Lily Solomon from Toronto & North York.

Here are the full results, meet by meet.

A Division
Place Team Meet 1 Meet 2 Meet 3 Total
1 Uxbridge-Scugog/Durham "Black and White" 20 22 18 60
2 Rising Star/Victoria "Cuddly Bunnies" 16 19 19 54

Masters Division
Place Team Meet 1 Meet 2 Meet 3 Total
1 Uxbridge-Scugog 31 36 29 96
2 Uxbridge-Scugog/Toronto & North York 31 24 32 87
3 Rising Star/Victoria "Oh My!" 32 26 28 86
4 Durham "Do Le Trec in August" 16 21 23 60

B Division
Place Team Meet 1 Meet 2 Meet 3 Total
1 Temiskaming "Sassy Sapphires" 36 39 33 108
2 Temiskaming/Durham "Pretty Ponies" 32 32 33 97
3 Maple "Legit Maples" 22 28 26 76
4 Rising Star 25 19 23 67
5 Centaurus "Crushers" 16 14 23 53

C Division
Place Team Meet 1 Meet 2 Meet 3 Total
1 Temiskaming/Toronto & North York "Trotters" 34 45 40 119
2 Maple "Munchkins" (formerly "Mustangs") 28 40 40 108
3 Whitchurch/Toronto & North York "Warriors" 24 32 40 96
4 Centaurus "Cute Centaurus Chargers" 21 23 23 67
5 Rising Star/Durham 26 18 20 64
6 Victoria 11 19 23 53

For more details e-mail Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Chair, or call him at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).