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COR Member Represents Canada at International Quiz

Aurora resident Kyra Holmes, a member of the Maple Pony Club, is also a member of Team Canada at the 2010 Pony Club International Quiz taking place this week and next weekend in Halifax. She is the only member of Canada's A/B team from Ontario. All the teams are now touring Prince Edward Island, and will return to Halifax on Thursday, stuffed with lobster. They do have to write a test each day, which will count towards their overall scores. Ms Holmes, 19, also took part in this year's National Rally, and sits on the Canadian Pony Club Board of Directors as the Active Member representative from eastern Canada. She is a student at Seneca College, studying to be a veterinary technician.

Quiz is different from most other Pony Club activities in that it does not require horses or ponies. There are four phases which will begin in earnest next Friday: a written test, a visual test where competitors have to identify strange, obscure and unusual horsey objects by sight (older competitors often have to read an X-Ray), an oral test and several "Quiz Stations". Quiz Stations are games that helpers and spectators can play after the teams are finished with them, and they are fun for everybody. For example, "Sock it to Me" calls for the player to identify various horse-related objects that have been put into socks, by feel alone.

We do not have information about which countries, other than Canada and the United States, are sending teams this year. In the past, Great Britain, Ireland and Australia have also taken part.

For more details e-mail Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Chair, or call him at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).