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Central Ontario Entries Do Well at National Pony Club Quiz

Central Ontario competitors acquitted themselves well at the Canadian Pony Club National Quiz this Thanksgiving weekend in Vaughn.

At the A/B level, Maya Kenedy of the Maple Pony Club finished second on an individual basis, and the Central Ontario A/B team also finished second. The only Central Ontario member to compete in the Affiliates division, for competitors 21-25 years old, Katie Stephenson of Maple, also finished second. The other members of the Central Ontario A/B team were Kyra Holmes (11th individually), Alicia Cantin (14th) and Christy Chamney (19th), all members of the Maple Pony Club. Carolyn Wight of the Northumberland Pony Club formed part of a mixed Manitoba/Nova Scotia/Central Ontario team that finished seventh, while she finished 18th individually. Central Ontario's C level competitors did not do quite so well, finishing tenth as a team and with no individual ranked higher than 30th.

Quiz is different from most other Pony Club activities in that it does not require horses or ponies. There are three phases for all levels: a written test, "I.D. Tables," a visual test where competitors have to identify strange, obscure and unusual horsy objects by sight, and several "Quiz Stations" - games that count towards team scores and, in the case of the Affiliates, individual scores as well.

Pony Club differs from most other equestrian organizations in that it aims to teach its members not only riding skills but also general horsemanship and horse-care knowledge. Quiz is the fun aspect of this academic side, and those who make it to National Quiz do have a lot of fun - it would be ALL fun except that most of the competitors take it very seriously indeed. Visitors with an equestrian background are invariably impressed with the breadth and depth of knowledge on display at Quiz. The motto of this year's National Quiz was "Ancora Imparo," Italian for "I am still learning" - attributed to Michelangelo.

For complete results, go to the Canadian Pony Club website home page and follow the links under International, National and Zone events.