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National Games Championships Results

We now have at least some information on both the National A and Masters Championships, both held in late August/early September.

At the A PPG level, Uxbridge-Scugog successfully defended its championship (they may have to retire the trophy!), with some help from Simcoe and Toronto & North York.  The "USST" team won the competition, held in Western Ontario, with 110 points.  The members of the USST team are James Cruikshanks, Stephen Hall and Jane Stephenson of Uxbridge-Scugog, Emily Stubbings of Simcoe and Meghan Midwood of Toronto & North York.  The other COR entry, Rising Star, finished second with 81.5 points, winning an exciting tie-breaker (Pyramid) with East Maple Ridge, BC.  The Rising Star team comprised Stacy Bootsma, Emily Lindsay, Rhiannon McCarren, Jenna Meeser and Chloe Raitt.  The Strathcona Pony Club of Alberta North finished fourth with 58 points, with the Annapolis Pony Club of Nova Scotia fifth at 55 points.

At the Masters Championships in Edmonton, the Vancouver Pony Club ended a long reign by Uxbridge-Scugog teams, winning the competition by two points, with 80.  The Uxbridge-Scugog "Electric Six" made it close, finishing with 78 points.  Wait till next year!  Third place went to a mixed team from Alberta North, the "Extreme Team" (61 points), with another mixed ANR team, the "Jokers", in fourth (60 points).  The members of the "Electric Six" are Mori Cruikshanks, Sean Cruikshanks, Jessica Lloyd, Samantha Macdonald and Jessica McVittie.

Well done, all!

For more details e-mail Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Chair, or call him at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).