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Central Ontario Results at National Quiz

Here is how Central Ontario's representatives made out at the Canadian Pony Club National Quiz, held in Alberta North this Thanksgiving weekend.

Leading the way at the A/B level was (surprise!) Maya Kenedy of the Maple Pony Club, who finished in third place among the individuals, but was less than a half point out of first.  Two other Maple members, Alicia Cantin and Christy Chamney, finished 14th and 15th, respectively.  These three formed a mixed Central Ontario/Saskatchewan team with the addition of Zoe Macdougall of the Heartland Pony Club, and finished third in the team competition.

Our C level representatives did not fare quite as well.  Yet another Maple member, Kyra Holmes, was the top Central Ontario competitor among the individual C standings, in 19th place.  Carolyn Wight of the Northumberland finished in 30th place, Stephanie Kalogris of the Ajax Pony Club was 39th, and Angie Moorcroft, also from Ajax, was 48th.  The Central Ontario C team finished 9th.

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