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Central Ontario Prince Philip Games: Meet #1 Results

The Central Ontario Region of Pony Club held its first Prince Philip Games meet of the season on May 15, at Durward Farm north of Port Perry. Highlight results are followed by the details.

In the A division, a mixed team with members from the Temiskaming and Northwoods Pony Clubs placed first, followed the Uxbridge Scugog "Incredibles." Another Uxbridge-Scugog team, the "Fast & Furious," came third.

The Uxbridge-Scugog "Terminators" took first in the B division, with Maple Pony Club second and a combined Victoria/Oshawa team third.

Victoria took the honours in the C division, with a combined Uxbridge-Scugog/Arête de Chêne team second and Durham Pony Club in third place.

In the Masters Games, for players 15 and older, the Uxbridge-Scugog "Charlie's Angels" claimed first place, with a team with members from the Uxbridge-Scugog and Durham Pony Clubs in second spot and another mixed team with members from the Simcoe and Temiskaming Pony Clubs taking third.

The Prince Philip Cup Games are a team competition played by Pony Clubs around the world. Many of the Games require the riders and ponies to run a slalom course around a series of poles from one end of the playing field to the other, where they hand-off something to the next rider on their team. In some races, riders have to vault off of and onto their ponies.

The next meet in the regular season will be June 12, with the Regional Finals on July 3. Points accumulate over the three meets, and competition at all levels is very close. The Regional A and Masters winners go on to play for the Central Canada Zone Championship against teams from the Western Ontario and Saint Lawrence-Ottawa Valley Regions on July 13, with Western Ontario Region hosting the meet this year. The two top Eastern Canadian A level teams then play against Western Canadian representatives for the national championship. There is also a National Masters Championship. Dates and places for both national championships remain to be set.

Now the details.

"A" Division

Rank Team Points
1 Temiskaming/Northwoods 35
2 Uxbridge-Scugog "Incredibles" 33
3 Uxbridge-Scugog "Fast & Furious" 26
4 Victoria/Toronto & North York 13

"B" Division

Rank Team Score
1 Uxbridge-Scugog "Terminators" 55
2 Maple 36
3 Victoria/Oshawa 36
4 Durham/Waussnodae 33
5 Durham/Oshawa/Waussnodae 28
6 Arete de Chene 28
7 Simcoe/Toronto & North York 26

Placings for second vs third, fifth vs sixth, decided by tie-breaking game.

"C" Division

Rank Team Score
1 Victoria 40
2 Uxbridge-Scugog/Arete de Chene 33
3 Durham 33
4 Simcoe 31
5 Simcoe/Temiskaming 30
6 Maple 29
7 Waussnodae 13

Second vs third decided by tie-breaking game.

"Masters" Division

Rank Team Score
1 Uxbridge-Scugog "Charlie's Angels" 47
2 Uxbridge-Scugog/Durham 41
3 Simcoe/Temiskaming 38
4 Oshawa/Arete de Chene/Pine Ridge/Toronto & North York 33
5 Victoria/Waussnodae/Baltimore Hills 27
6 Simcoe/Maple "Jailbirds" 21

For more details e-mail Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Chair, or call him at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).