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Central Ontario Pony Club Regional Tetrathlon

Teams from the Centaurus, Kawartha, Maple, Pine Ridge, Toronto & North York and Uxbridge-Scugog Pony Clubs have entered the Central Ontario Regional Tetrathlon, which takes place in the Peterborough area on Saturday, June 21 and Sunday, June 22.

Tetrathlon is a demanding four-part competition: swimming, shooting (with air pistols), running and riding. In swimming, points are given for the time taken to complete a fixed distance (50-200m, depending on level). In shooting, the points are given for the number of shots in the target and their position in the target, like darts. Running is scored by time taken to complete a cross-country course (one kilometre for Novices, two for Juniors and Seniors). Riding is scored like the cross-country phase of eventing, with penalty points for refusals, falls and taking more - or less - than the optimum time to complete the course. Tetrathlon feeds into Modern Pentathlon, an Olympic sport which adds fencing to the mix.

Because of the running and swimming components, boys and girls compete in separate divisions in Tetrathlon. There are five levels for each: Junior A, Junior B, Senior A, Senior B and Novice. The "A" and "B" splits are determined by the competitors' levels of riding skills as measured by the Canadian Pony Club testing system.

The winners of Regional competitions at the Senior and Junior "A" levels have a chance of being chosen to represent the region at national and international competitions. This year's National Tetrathlon will be hosted by the B.C. Islands Region, from August 4th to 8th.

Central Ontario hosted the 2002 National Tetrathlon, and this year's Regional competition uses most of the same venues. The riding phase is on Saturday at the Saddlewood Equestrian Centre near Bethany. The shooting, swimming and running phases are on Sunday. Shooting is at the Peterborough Fish and Game Club, followed by swimming and running at Trent University. Spectators are welcome at all phases of competition, without admission charge.

For more information, get in touch with Liz or Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Region Pony Club Communications Co-Chairs, or call 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home), or Tetrathlon Co-Chairs Allan or Kathy McCue at 705-657-1257 (home).