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Central Ontario Pony Clubbers Do Well At National Tetrathlon

Central Ontario competitors had stand-out individual and team results at the Canadian Pony Club National Tetrathlon Championships, staged in British Columbia August 6-11.

In the individual Junior Girls competition, Jordan Thompson of the Durham Pony Club finished first, Britanny Emery of the Toronto & North York Pony Club was fourth, Kendal Lehari, also of Toronto & North York, finished tenth and Katie Murray of Durham was eleventh.

Among the Junior Boys, Zachary McCue of the Kawartha Pony Club was fourth.

Bonnie Burlton of the Pause Awhile Pony Club was fourth in the Senior Girls competition, with Amy Jordan of Kawartha sixth.

Central Ontario had no entries in the Senior Boys competition.

Team standings are based on total scores from all levels. Central Ontario sent two girls teams to this national competition, finishing second and third. A mixed Western Ontario and Central Ontario boys team finished second. Tetrathlon is a very demanding competition with four parts: swimming, shooting with air pistols, cross-country running and horse jumping (both stadium jumping and cross-country jumping). Competitors in this event ranged from 12 to 21 years old.

Detailed results are available from the Canadian Pony Club main page.