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Central Ontario Region Dressage Qualifier Results

Here are the placings at the first Central Ontario Region of Pony Club dressage qualifier for the Central Canadian Dressage Championships, held on Sunday, May 27 at the York Equestrian Centre near Newmarket, hosted by the Toronto & North York Pony Club. Selection for the Central Ontario Dressage team, which will compete against teams from the Western Ontario and St. Lawrence-Ottawa Valley Regions, will be based on scores achieved at this meet and other qualifiers hosted by the Pause Awhile and Maple Pony Clubs on June 24, and by the Victoria Pony Club on July 15. This year, the Central Canadian Zone Championships are being hosted by the St. Lawrence-Ottawa Valley Region August 18-19.

At the Beginner 1 level, first place went to Rachel Jewett of the Toronto & North York Pony Club, riding Little Barb. Second place went to Christina Chamney of the Tynedale Pony Club, riding Tynedale Simmons, and Larissa Davies, also of Tynedale, was third aboard Victoria's Secret.  Fourth and fifth places also went to Tynedale riders. Kathleen Herbison was fourth on Tynedale Lee and Danielle Heft fifth on Tynedale Sunny.  Sixth place went to Morgan Vanclief of the Oshawa Pony Club on Miss Congeniality.

At the Beginner 2 level, Kathleen Herbison took the honours, with Kaley Fountain of the Victoria Pony Club second on Thunder and Lauren Pinder, also of Victoria, third aboard Mr. Tuff Stuff. Christina Chamney was fourth, Danielle Barry of the Durham Pony Club fifth on Dante's Peak, and Morgan Vanclief again took sixth place.  The Beginner 1/2 Champion was Kathleen Herbison, with Christina Chamney in Reserve.

The Beginner 3 winner was Jordan Thompson of the Durham Pony Club on Braveheart. Charlotte Winder of the Timberline Pony Club was second riding Cottage Country, with Tiffany Kift of the Oshawa Pony Club third on Otto.  Lauren Pinder came in fourth, Sarah McBride of the Victoria Pony Club fifth on Majestic Maple, and Danielle Barry scored identical marks on both Dante's Peak and Winsom Bonnie to create a tie with herself for sixth.  Lauren Pinder was the Beginner 2/3 Champion, with Kaley Fountain the Reserve.

In the Basic 1 class, Heidi Breen of Tynedale finished first on Tynedale Harry, with Jordan Thompson second (in Dressage competitions, each horse/rider combination may enter two consecutive classes) and Casey Barton of Victoria third on Jim Dandy. Fourth place went to Danielle Barry on Winsom Bonnie, with Jessie Barrieau of Victoria fifth on Alfie and Julie Pett, also of Victoria, sixth aboard Blizzard.  The Beginner 3/Basic 1 Champion was Jordan Thompson, with Tiffany Kift the Reserve.

At the Basic 2 level, Heidi Breen again took first place and Casey Barton finished second. Third place went to Larissa Grabowski of the Durham Pony Club riding Full Monty.  Jessica Harcourt of Tynedale took fourth place aboard Infiniti, Kitty Baker of Toronto & North York was fifth riding Irish Willie, and Julie Pett again finished sixth with Blizzard.  The Basic 1/2 Champion was Heidi Breen, with Casey Barton the Reserve.

The Basic 3 winner was Larissa Grabowski. Megan Mattos of the Kawartha Pony Club took both second and third places, second riding Mayhem and third riding Freddie. Larissa Grabowski was Basic 2/3 Champion and Megan Mattos was the Reserve.

Sarah Rae of the Victoria Pony Club took the honours at the Basic 4 level, riding Gentle Ben. Her sister Jenny Rae was second on Avalon, and third place went to Megan Mattos. Megan Mattos was the Basic 3/4 Champion, with no reserve.

Jenny Rae won the Medium 1 level with Sarah Rae second. Sarah was the Basic 4/Medium 1 Champion with Jenny in Reserve.

Larissa Grabowski won the Basic 2 Kur, with D'Arcy Hutcheson of Centaurus second aboard Miss Tiggy Winkle.

For more information, contact Liz Inglis or Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Region Pony Club Communications Co-Chairs, or call 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home).