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Central Ontario Regional Quiz Results

On Saturday, April 15, 120 members of 20 Pony Club Branches took part in the Central Ontario Region Quiz at Henry Street High School in Whitby. Quiz includes an oral test, a written test and a visual test, in which competitors must identify unusual horsey objects. Teams can also enter display projects based on pre-set themes (separate competition). The three divisions in Quiz are based on age and knowledge level. The D level is for the youngest and least experienced pony clubbers, the C level for the intermediates, and the A/B level for the oldest and most experienced.

In the display project competition, Sudbury finished first in the A/B division, with Napanee second and Baltimore Hills third. Prince Edward County was the C level champion, with Eglinton second and Durham third. Oshawa took the honours at the D level with Tynedale second and Prince Edward County third.

Team standings were as follows:

A/B Level


  1. Napanee (Hillary Leighton, Christina Meyer and Julie Wright)
  2. Central Ontario B (Erin Hackney, Oshawa; Allison Birdsall, Pause Awhile; Christy Barnes, Pine Ridge)
  3. Central Ontario C (Jillian and Nicole Baker, both Prince Edward County; Jenny Rae, Victoria)
  4. Central Ontario A (Laura Harding, Baltimore Hills; Alana Salmon, Eglinton; Heidi Breen, Tynedale)
  5. Ajax (Ingrid Piat, Sarah Bortoluss, Ian Sharpe).


  1. Napanee
  2. Central Ontario C
  3. Central Ontario B
  4. Central Ontario A
  5. Ajax


  1. Central Ontario A
  2. Central Ontario B
  3. Central Ontario C
  4. Napanee
  5. Ajax


  1. Napanee
  2. Central Ontario B
  3. Central Ontario C
  4. Central Ontario A
  5. Ajax

C Level


  1. Timberline (Charlotte Winder, Courtney Cotter, Katherine Card)
  2. Ajax (Susie Vavrusa, Dawn O'Neill, Megan Chalmers)
  3. Tynedale (Jessica Harcourt, Bekky McQuaig, Jackie Hawes)
  4. Toronto & North York (Sabrina Welter, Kitty Baker, Carolyn Scime)
  5. Napanee (Roanne English, Stephanie Meyer, Meredith Smith)
  6. North Bay (Megan Frederick, Ashley Bouchard, Kasey Morris)
  7. Durham (Shandra Robbescheuten, Jordan Thompson, Larissa Grabowski)
  8. Huronia (Danielle and Anthony Denis, Michelle Leuty)
  9. Uxbridge-Scugog (Megan Taylor, Trevor Chandler, Jennifer McGuire)
  10. Prince Edward County (Andrea Baker, C.H., Ashley Adler)

1. Napanee
2. Tynedale
3. Eglinton (Calla Spencer, Maya Kennedy, Jessica Oram) and Toronto & North York tied
5. Oshawa
6. Victoria (Amelia Jones, Kait Pinder, Kayla Wilkins)
7. Timberline
8. Durham and Prince Edward County tied
10. Huronia

1. Tynedale
2. Napanee and Toronto & North York tied
4. Oshawa
5. Huronia
6. Durham and Pause Awhile (Zoe Brown, Valerie Latour, Mandy Marsella) tied
8. Eglinton and Timberline tied
10. Prince Edward County

1. Tynedale
2. Napanee
3. Timberline
4. Toronto & North York
5. Durham
6. Eglinton
7. Huronia
8. Ajax
9. Oshawa
10. Prince Edward County

D Level

1. Toronto & North York (Christine Culbert, Samantha Jones, Rik Vandelinde)
2. Timberline (Stephanie Horgan-Smith, Ryan Rigatti, Alison Seary
3. Prince Edward County (Victoria and Sheen Baker, Stacey Adler)
4. Four-way tie among Durham (Julia McGill, Danielle Berry, Katie Murray), Eglinton (Brian MacInnes, Courtney Langer, Alicia Cantin), Tynedale (Anna Suckling, Claire and Hayley Goodchild) and Uxbridge-Scugog (Elisabeth Saunders, Kathryn Robertson, Madison Reeves)
8. Maple (Samantha Quinn-Steinberg, Kate Evans, Emily Fisher)
9. Pause Awhile (Andrea Edwards, Jenn Graham, Allison Pasco)
10. Bowmanville (M.B., Mark Tucci, Elise Bellefontaine)

The top four individual competitors at the A/B and C levels will form teams at each level to represent Central Ontario at the National Quiz to be hosted by the Western Ontario Region in October (assuming they are available to compete). Ribbons went to the top D level competitors. Individual Standings were as follows:

A/B Level

1. Julie Wright - Napanee
2. Christina Meyer - Napanee
3. Jenny Rae - Central Ontario C/Victoria (Since the A/B level included mixed-Branch teams, we have shown both the team and Branch affiliations of the individuals)
4. Three-way tie among Alana Salmon (Central Ontario A/Eglinton), Christy Barnes (Central Ontario B/Pine Ridge) and Nicole Baker (Central Ontario C/Prince Edward County)
7. Three-way tie among Erin Hackney (Central Ontario B/Oshawa), Allison Birdsall (Central Ontario B/Pause Awhile) and Jillian Baker (Central Ontario C/Prince Edward County
10. Tie between Heidi Breen (Central Ontario A/Tynedale) and Hillary Leighton, Napanee

1. Heidi Breen
2. Christy Barnes
3. Alana Salmon
4. Jenny Rae
5. Nicole Baker
6. Tie between Laura Harding (Central Ontario A/Baltimore Hills) and Julie Wright
8. Erin Hackney
9. Sarah Bortoluss - Ajax
10. Tie between Christina Meyer and Allison Birdsall

1. Julie Wright
2. Heidi Breen
3. Christy Barnes
4. Jenny Rae
5. Alana Salmon
6. Nicole Baker
7. Christina Meyer
8. Erin Hackney
9. Tie between Allison Birdsall and Jillian Baker

Note - The oral phase is played only on a team basis, with no individual scores.


1. Charlotte Winder - Timberline
2. Stephanie Meyer - Napanee
3. Tie between Jessica Oram, Eglinton, and Kayla Wilkins, Victoria
5. Three-way time among Shandra Robbescheuten, Durham, Tiffany Kift, Oshawa, and Bekky McQuaig, Tynedale.
8. Tie between Roanne English, Napanee, and Carolyn Scime, Toronto & North York
10. Andrea Baker - Prince Edward County

1. Bekky McQuaig
2. Tie between Andrea Baker and Sabrina Welter, Toronto & North York
4. Seven-way tie among Danielle Denis, Huronia; Stephanie Meyer; Kasey Morris, North Bay; Tiffany Kift; Sarah Kift, Oshawa; Jessica Harcourt, Tynedale; and Jackie Hawes, Tynedale.

1. Charlotte Winder
2. Stephanie Meyer
3. Bekky McQuaig
4. Tiffany Kift
5. Andrea Baker
6. Roanne English
7. Sabrina Welter
8. Jessica Oram
9. Carolyn Scime
10. Meredith Smith - Napanee

D Level

1. Emily Fisher - Maple
2. Tie between Alicia Williams, Baltimore Hills, and Julia McGill, Durham
4. Tie between Christine Culbert and Samantha Jones, both Toronto & North York
6. Four-way tie among Megan Miller, Ajax; Danielle Berry, Durham; Michelle Breedon, Huronia; and Hayley Goodchild, Tynedale
10. Four-way tie among Amy Caldwell, Ajax; M.B., Bowmanville; Samantha Quinn-Steinberg, Maple; and Kylie Pinder, Victoria

1. Three-way tie among Alicia Williams; Michelle Breedon; and Jenn Graham, Pause Awhile
4. Three-way tie among Danielle Berry; Allison Pascoe, Pause Awhile; and Kathryn Robertson, Uxbridge-Scugog
7. Tie between Emma Rafuse, Napanee, and Victoria Baker, Prince Edward County
9. Five-way tie among Brian MacInnes, Eglinton; Sheen Baker, Prince Edward County; Stephanie Horgan-Smith, Timberline; Christine Culbert; and Eleanor Bathe, Victoria

1. Alicia Williams
2. Michelle Breedon
3. Danielle Berry
4. Jenn Graham
5. Emily Fisher
6. Christine Culbert
7. Allison Pasco
8. Samantha Jones
9. Hayley Goodchild
10. Stephanie Horgan-Smith

Eglinton claimed the first "Quiz Stations Champions" ribbon.

For more information, please call Liz or Bob Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Co-Chairs, at 416-493-1223 (office) or 416-491-4230 (home) or inquire via E-mail at or, or call Robyn Vanberkel, Central Ontario Quiz Chair, at 613-352-5576 (home), or via E-mail at For general background on the Canadian Pony Club and its activities (including Quiz), or on Central Ontario Region and its Branches, check out the Central Ontario pages of the Canadian Pony Club Internet website at