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Central Ontario Pony Club Regional D Rally

Here are the results of the Central Ontario D Rally held Sunday July 30 at Killusty Farm. Rallies are the Pony Club version of a three-day event, with scores (in terms of penalty points) accumulating across the three phases (dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping). Placing ribbons are awarded for dressage, cross country and overall, with a "Clear Round" ribbon for all those who make no mistakes in the Stadium phase.  Stadium phase results are not reported separately because all clear rounds are tied.

D Level
Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Kristen McKnight Orphan Annie Durham 2nd 3rd 1st
Maddie Baker A Dime's Worth Uxbridge-Scugog 3rd (tie) 4th 2nd (tie)
Jennifer Shocryla Super Grover Centaurus 3rd (tie) 1st 2nd (tie)
Clare McCormack Beam Me Up Durham 5th 5th 4th
Andrea McGill Razmataz Durham (not in ribbons) 6th 5th
Chelsey Horton Apple Annie Durham (not in ribbons) 9th 6th
Maya Kennedy Clyde Eglinton 10th 10th 7th
Ben Moher April Showers Centaurus 6th (not in ribbons) 8th
Johanna McKeen Myia Oshawa (not in ribbons) 2nd 9th
Kaley Fountain Thunder Victoria 9th (not in ribbons) 10th

D1 Level
Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Jesse Loucks Passionate Pursuit Kawartha 2nd (not in ribbons) 1st
Julie Williams Beaucaries Welsh Magic Baltimore Hills (not in ribbons) 4th 2nd
Madison Reeves Pandora Uxbridge-Scugog 1st (not in ribbons) 3rd (tie)
Deidre McIntyre Freeze Frame Toronto & North York (not in ribbons) 3rd 3rd (tie)
Julia Dawson PJ Baltimore Hills (not in ribbons) 2nd 5th
Meredith Boddington The Sour Patch Muskoka Lakes (not in ribbons) 6th 6th
Lara Harmon Gahrajh Shandy Muskoka Lakes 3rd (not in ribbons) 7th
Lisa Carswell Mawdie Luck Muskoka Lakes (not in ribbons) 8th 8th
Kristi Larson Solar Eclipse Centaurus (not in ribbons) 9th (tie) 9th
Heather Boyd Spring Mountain Baltimore Hills (not in ribbons) 1st 10th (tie)
Ashley Adler Abby Prince Edward County (not in ribbons) (not in ribbons) 10th (tie)

D2 Level
Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Katie Murray Honey Bee Sweet Durham 2nd 5th 1st
Sarah Kift Rebecca Oshawa 5th 2nd 2nd
Kylie Pinder Let's Rhumba Victoria 1st 10th (tie) 3rd
Casey Barton Jim Dandy Victoria 3rd 10th (tie) 4th
Sammy Sage Zach Victoria 8th 8th 5th
Jennifer Munroe Mischief's Lady Luck Centaurus (not in ribbons) 3rd 6th
Courtney Langer Riding Master Eglinton 10th 9th 7th
Stephanie Horgan-Smith Happy Appy Timberline (not in ribbons) 4th 8th
Jessemy Lefeuvre-Watson Justa Perfect Gentleman Centaurus (not in ribbons) 8th 9th
Christine Pett Dr. Crusher Victoria 7th (not in ribbons) 10th

For more information, get in touch with Bob Inglis or Liz Inglis, Central Ontario Regional Communications Co-Chairs.