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Central Ontario Pony Club Regional A/B/C Rally

Here are the results of the Central Ontario C Rally held Sunday July 30 at Killusty Farm. Rallies are the Pony Club version of a three-day event, with scores (in terms of penalty points) accumulating across the three phases (dressage, cross-country and stadium jumping). Placing ribbons are awarded for dressage, cross country and overall, with a "Clear Round" ribbon for all those who make no mistakes in the Stadium phase.

Entry Level
Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Emily Hazell Hot Pursuit Baltimore Hills 2nd 3rd 1st
John Jamieson Beam Me Up Scottie Kawartha 3rd 1st (tie) 2nd
John Jamieson Ghost Rider Kawartha 4th 1st (tie) 3rd
Leslie-Anne VanClief Amaduis Oshawa 1st E E

Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Jenny Rae Avalon Victoria 1st 5th 1st
Amanda Winslow (Unknown) Kawartha 8th 1st (tie) 2nd
Aubrie Holmberg Always Outrageous Toronto/North York 6th 3rd 3rd
Kait Pinder Rosser Victoria 5th 6th 4th
Sarah Rae Gentle Ben Victoria 2nd 7th 5th
Hillary Leighton Chasing Rainbows Napanee 9th 9th 6th
Ashley Aimone Choice Victory Ajax 7th 8th 7th
Zoe Brown Franklin Pause Awhile 10th (out of ribbons) 8th

Rider Horse Branch Dressage Cross-Country Overall
Ashley Minion Taylor Made Kawartha 1st 2nd 1st
Amelia Jones Resolution Victoria 2nd 1st 2nd

For further details, get in touch with Bob Inglis or Liz Inglis, Central Ontario Communications Co-Chairs.